Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes

I love the idea of dressing up for Halloween. I get these grand elaborate plans going in my head and then, due to various delays and inexcusable procrastination, I end up doing something totally mundane.

Perhaps you are like me, all talk and no follow through, or you may not be particularly into Halloween but are being forced by circumstance or pushy friends and partners to dress up. Let me help you out with some super simple ideas that will get you in a costume without breaking the bank or your brain.


Wigs are the easiest, and, in my opinion, most fun way to dress up without getting ridiculous with the whole thing. Alternatively, they are the best way to be completely obnoxious with your get up. Either way, you win. For example —

Photo of Kym in a purple wig with a small black top hat and a black top and blue tutu

How awesome is that wig? Super awesome. What am I dressed as? Not a fucking clue. I wanted to wear the wig. I wanted to wear the tutu. I wanted to wear the hat. So that’s what I was. Honestly, I didn’t really care that I wasn’t something specific. I was having fun, and that is all that matters at the end of the day. So hit the store, grab a wig, and throw on some clothes you love but never have the opportunity to wear. When people inquire as to what you are, roll your eyes and say “If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand.” Works every time.

Works for kids, too —

photo of two young girls making silly faces wearing a hot pink and neon green wig. One is in a dark pink tank top and multi-colored skirt and the otehr wears a grey tank and denim shorts

These wigs were purchased at the dollar store. Score! The best, most reasonably priced brand of wigs I have found are the Wicked brand. They look the most realistic of the cheaper brands, although Leg Avenue recently started making wigs that aren’t half bad.

Rosie the Riveter

Denim shirt. Red bandanna. Done. Okay, maybe it isn’t that easy, as most places in public require us to wear pants, but it’s a pretty simple get-up.

photo of Kym dressed as Rosie the Riveter in a denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a red bandanna tied around her hair holding one arm up and flexing her muscles

I took it a step further and painted polka dots on my bandanna last year, but it isn’t really necessary. I also curled my hair, which took WAY too long and was completely pointless as it was all covered by the bandanna, but live and learn. Seriously, though, this is so easy to DIY. If you don’t have a denim shirt, they are easily acquired at a thrift store, red handkerchiefs can be found at most craft or fabric stores, and then throw on a pair of work pants and boot and you are done. Flex your arm like the bad ass you are and be awesome.


Are vampires played out? Some would argue that they are. Others would argue that just because some stupid book and movie series tried to reinvent the vampire mythology into something ridiculously trite doesn’t  mean that the classic vampire lore must be abandoned. Plus, since they are everywhere now, you don’t have to do a full costume. Grab a pair of Scarecrow brand vampire teeth and wear pretty much whatever you want. You can bust a velour tracksuit and be Pam from True Blood, slather yourself in glitter and be a cheesy Twilight vampire, or go old school and add a black cape. There are no right or wrongs with this costume anymore.

Photo of Kym and husband, Kym is wearing vampire teeth and Jon is holding a glass of soda in front of his face
See? Super easy. I was wearing black pants, a white tee and a sweatshirt. Add teeth, instant vampire. Jon was dressed as a boring dude who is a big party pooper, AKA himself.

One tip — the Scarecrow teeth are the best that I have found. However, do not get impatient with the directions. Lock yourself in the bathroom for 15 minutes if you have to. Follow them to the letter and you will have a pair of fangs that will last you for years. I have had the same pair for four years and they still fit perfect. If you are mindful and careful, you can even eat with them in. Also, if you are planning on doing a couples vamp costume, buy the werewolf set because it is cheaper. It comes with a pair of large and small teeth, so you can share.


That’s right. For less that $20, you can be a unicorn for Halloween, y’all. Check it —

photo of Kym wearing a unicorn headband with a golden horn and rainbow mane

It’s just a headband! No muss, no fuss. The picture does not do justice to the rainbow magnificence of the mane. Please trust that it is fantastic. I am currently sitting in my office wearing it, so it doesn’t have to be limited to Halloween. People might look at you strangely, but who cares because you are a FUCKING UNICORN!

So please share, everyone — are you dressing up this year? If so, what are you going to be? What is your favorite cheap or DIY costume?



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I want to be a robot. I’m going to paint a box to put on my head (cut out hole for my face), put red beer cups on the side for ears, and then wear grey leggings and a grey t-shirt. Last year I made a freaking Princess Mononoke mask from scratch. This year I get to be lazy.

Favourite DIY/easy costume: witch. Black dress and pointy hat. That’s it! Jazz up as necessary.

I’m not dressing up this year, though. I have however done the I-almost-forgot-it’s-Halloween costume for Juniper Junior. He’s going as Harry Potter and, fingers crossed, Amazon and eBay are going to save the day.

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