Dear Chicks on the Right: It’s Me, Manda

Dear Chicks,

It’s me again! I’ve been trying to avoid you, mostly because you make me angry, but now all the more conservative women I know have been reposting your blog articles and I can’t avoid you. So I just thought I’d clear a couple more things up. I really, really want us to be friends because you probably have really great shoes and I can admire that in a woman. So let me pour you another glass of wine and let’s talk about this article you ran.

But first, some background. Molly Anne Dutton is Alabama’s 2013 Homecoming Queen! This girl is legit adorbs, and she wasn’t sponsored by a fraternity or a huge campus organization. Her campaign was grassroots and sponsored only by her horticulture club. Did I mention she’s a horticulture major? That’s awesome. And she also….actually, wait. That’s all we know about her. Ms. Dutton ran on a pro-life platform that advocates for help during crisis pregnancies. And I know, Chicks, that this is where you think I’m going to have a problem, because I’m a liberal and I hate babies.

Let’s get one thing straight. Babies are cool. They grow into people. I like them and their squishy little faces and their tiny little toes, and their toothless little smiles, and…what’s that ticking noise? Excuse me, I need to go throw this biological clock against a wall.

Okay. I’m back.

I don’t have a problem with Ms. Dutton advocating for crisis pregnancy centers. I mean, we’ve all seen the evidence that crisis pregnancy centers don’t always give complete facts, and I don’t like the guilt that they seem to come with. But being pro-choice does not mean that I do not understand the pro-life argument. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, and quite frankly, I’m much more inclined to like people if they’re doing something about those beliefs, as in the case of Ms. Dutton and people who do run crisis pregnancy centers. Maybe they’re not presenting all the options fairly, but as long as they’re doing their best to help women who are in extreme situations to the best of their belief system, then I understand where they’re coming from. You might not see me giving money to the cause, but I respect them more than people who are just praying and yelling things outside the abortion clinic. And to be honest, Ms. Dutton seems really committed to the cause of helping women who have been victims of sexual assault. I can totally get behind that.

I have a problem with the media here. Specifically, the conservative media. (See what I did there? I turned it around.) See, I don’t know anything about Molly Anne Dutton. I’m sure she’s a really nice young woman. She seemed to have the support of her peers here. I wonder if she gets good grades, if she knows what she wants to do after college. I wonder where her interest in horticulture will take her. We could all use a little more education when it comes to the plants around us and the food we eat. And plants equal medicine; I wonder if she has any interest in pharmaceuticals. This girl might cure cancer! But thanks to the media, here is what I know about her:

Molly Anne Dutton was born. All media attention seems focused on the fact that her mother, who was sexually assaulted, did not have an abortion, but rather gave the child up for adoption. Again, I’m sure Ms. Dutton is awesome. But just being born is not an accomplishment or achievement. Being in a family with six kids, four of whom are adopted from a crisis pregnancy adoption agency is not an achievement of her own. It definitely shows her adoptive parents are great people, and that her birth mother was strong enough and found the resources to carry her pregnancy to term. But it doesn’t tell me anything about Molly Anne Dutton. It doesn’t make her story beautiful. It doesn’t make her special.

Chicks, I’m confused, and since we’re friends and all now, I have a question for you: Do all conservatives believe that all liberals think abortion is the immediate and only answer? Do you think we all just go around telling women that pregnancy is a “quick-fix oops?” Do you think that abortion is an automatically easy choice and pregnancy is an automatically hard choice? Because I can tell you, I would rather live in a world where abortion was never necessary and never something that ever needed to cross anyone’s mind, because all sexual activity was consensual and all women had the ability to plan pregnancy. I want to live in that world. But I don’t. And neither do the two of you. And neither does Molly Anne Dutton, who I would love to invite to this wine party, so we can talk about all the great things she’s done since she was born.

Especially since I don’t know what any of those things are. I want Molly Anne Dutton’s story to be beautiful because she is a champion of things great and small, because she is a smart, engaging young woman, because she has dreams that are going to take her and the rest of us places. Not just because she was born. That’s not what makes her story beautiful. It’s what makes her story possible, and regardless of what you may think, Chicks, I and other Chicks on the Left don’t begrudge her that. Not at all.

By amandamarieg

Amandamarieg is a lawyer who does not work as a lawyer. She once wrote up a plan to take over the world and turned it in as a paper for a college course. She only received an A-, because she forgot that she would need tech geeks to pull off her scheme.

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