Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland: I Like That

One of the things I love about ladyblogland is how easy it is to bring a feminist perspective to events. There were a few gems this past week.

Even the most well-intentioned allow biological essentialism into their gender discourses.  SkepChick

The world’s smallest violin is playing for Internet Men’s Rights Activists. Pajiba

Now if only this could be real: The Body Policing Police. You have the right to groom how you like! Robot Hugs

Woman posts a photo of herself to Instagram. Her account gets deleted. This might not be what you’d expect. Vogue

Are you passionate about your work? Are you excited to promote it to a wider audience? Surprise! You’re getting engaged. Slate

Horror movies + feminism? Yes, please! Ms. Magazine

And here’s a handy reaction gif for when you like something in ladyblogland. I like that gif


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