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Dispatches from Ladyblogland: I Love the Internet

I am in love with the Internet right now. Yeah, there are some terrible spaces for women, but there are also amazing people calling it like they see it and making us think.

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What did you read?

After reading this, I really want to see Gravity, a movie about an introverted, female scientist. I have a feeling I will relate. Bitch Flicks

I loved reading Lisa Wade’s take on the whole Miley Cyrus thing because it addresses some deep issues about feminism and freedom. Sociological Images

If the Maryville rape story is giving you a rage stroke, you might want to read the account by Daisy Coleman, the teenager at the center of the media storm. XOJane

<sarcasm> Thanks, Emily Yoffe. Young girls TOTALLY needed to be told not to drink in order to avoid sexual assault. </sarcasm> Slate

Roxanne Gay’s response to Yoffe’s b.s. is worth the read. Salon

If you’ve ever taken Feminism 101, you’ve probably read something by Nancy Fraser. So you’ll probably be interested to read her take on whether feminism and capitalism are in bed together. The Guardian

You may have seen the pictures of white women with black hair floating around tumblr. Here’s a great breakdown of the photo series. Crunk Feminist Collective

What did you read this week?

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I applaud Daisy Coleman’s strength. Heartbreaking that she has to exhibit it.

I also loved Ann Friedman’s parody of Emily Yoffe’s piece:

Oh, and Jessica Valenti almost made me cry at work today:
I always thought women collapsing at bad news seemed a bit overwrought, but there I was on the bathroom floor. I cried because I was terrified… but mostly I cried because I want so badly for Layla to be able to dance with someone to Buddy Holly on Sundays.

I shared Daisy’s account on FB and had a woman come on my wall raging about how she totally has some blame, and how she shouldn’t say what she said about G-d not being there/her feelings about faith having changed, etc etc etc… I ended up having to delete all her comments, it was appalling how she felt she had the right to dictate how Daisy should feel about her relationship with G-d and the victim blaming shit…. HORRIBLE.

The natural consequence of over indulging in alcohol is hangovers and black outs and vomiting, NOT rape or having others take advantage of you. Just. UGH.

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