Friday News: Crap Towns and One Ugly Lady

Happy Friday! Let’s make it slightly more Eurocentric this week, why don’t we?

But let’s start with me doing a spontaneous dance in the middle of the kitchen: Alice Munro has won the Nobel prize for literature!

While good people of the Nobel prize committee have done their very best to flood the papers with good news this week, the bad news just won’t go away. Europe is still coming to terms with the deaths of hundreds of migrants who drowned on their way to the Italian island of Lampedusa. Stories like this one keep popping up. What can one say?

I bet you’re glad you weren’t on this plane: A passenger was forced to land a plane in Humberside after the pilot collapsed.

London has been named the crappiest town in Britain. Because being the capital just won’t cut it some days. (Make sure you click through the gallery. Then weep!)

In slightly more bizarre news, this happened to someone. Gladys, anyone?

And finally, two stories from the world of Sports:

Which news item caught your eye this week?

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