Ladyguide: Know Your US Government Shutdown

The US government is in a shut down, because a bunch of whiny-ass, over-paid, birth control-hating ogres threw a temper tantrum. No judgment.

Many of our lovely readers don’t live in the US, so this is a handy guide to what the shutdown does and does not affect. We’ll save our judgment for whiny-ass, over-paid, birth control hating ogres for another post.

[icon name=”icon-building”] Between 800k and 1m government workers who are considered “non-essential” have been furloughed. A furlough is similar to a lay-off, in that it’s an unpaid leave of indeterminate length. “Essential” workers, like TSA agents and active military are still required to show up for work, but won’t be paid until after the shut down, if said shutdown lasts longer than one week.

[icon name=”icon-building”] Social security checks will still go out, but there will likely be delays in processing new social security recipients.

[icon name=”icon-building”] SNAP, gutted as it may be, will still continue, but states will need to pick up the costs for WIC. (SNAP is commonly called “food stamps,” WIC is a program that provides nutrition to pregnant women, infants, and small children.)

[icon name=”icon-building”] The US post office will still run. They pay for themselves, with stamps/postage.

[icon name=”icon-building”] Gun permits and passports won’t be issued during the shutdown.

[icon name=”icon-building”] National parks, museums, and landmarks will be closed during the shutdown. This includes the animal webcams at the National Zoo.

[icon name=”icon-building”] Everyone still has to pay taxes.

In the short term, it will be fairly easy for those most affected to bounce back. The longer the shut down lasts, the more complicated it will become for all of us. While all of the workers who were furloughed during the last shut down, seventeen years ago, were eventually paid retro-actively, I think we all get how difficult missing a few paychecks can be.


By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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