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Lunchtime Poll: Best Book You’ve Never Read

I’ve been attempting to read more lately as I have many, many books on my shelf waiting to be finished. I’m currently reading Cory Doctorow’s For the Win, and have Suzanne Collins’s Catching Fire in my backlog, already started.

The cover of "Catching Fire."

Today, let’s talk about amazing books you just can’t read. For whatever reason, there are just some books in my pile that I never have and probably never will pick up. It could be because I’ve heard bad things about the author, I’m just never in the right mood for it, or maybe it’s just so awesome in theory, that I don’t want to ruin the idea.

The cover of "For the Win."

Are there any books out there that while the premise sounds right up your alley, you’re holding back?

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I have such a HUGE list of books I’d like to read and haven’t gotten around to yet mostly because I am so damned busy with Uni that I haven’t gotten to them. I do have the “Hunger Games” series which sounds interesting, but I have held out on that specifically because I am a longtime fan of Koushun Takami’s “Battle Royale”. I believe I’ll spend most of “Hunger Games” negatively comparing and contrasting it with “Battle Royale.”

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