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Lunchtime Poll: Collecting Things

After buying Late Registration by Kanye West on vinyl yesterday, I continued to add to my record collection. I have always been a collector. I started with stuffed animals when I was a wee one. Like I had 25 Care Bears and probably 20 or so other assorted stuffed animals. Then it became baseball cards, Magic cards, movies and finally records.

In the last ten years, I have probably amassed somewhere between 400 and 600 records between my parents’ house in Montana and my travelling road show of life. So needless to say, I am obsessed reading Sara’s Record Machine column every week. My favorite record is probably the first pressing of the UK release of The Clash’s self titled debut in near mint condition. According to the seller, it hadonly been played about 3 or 4 times. It definitely looks like that is the truth.

My wife and I also have an ugly little secret of collecting Ugly Dolls, too. Like majorly obsessed. I am on my way to Care Bare levels of hoarding at 31. We mostly collect Ice-Bat versions and pretty much any one that has wings. We even have the Uglycorn!

So Unicorns, do you have any collections that are as obsessed about as mine? I really hope someone out there collects pre-Victorian English playing cards.

By Alyson

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