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Lunchtime Poll: Engagement Stories

My favorite celebrity got engaged to himself yesterday in ATT Park in San Francisco. Wait, what? Kanye did not get engaged to himself? So my birthday mate, Kim Kardashian, got a nice big engagement story from Kanye thanks to his proposal. 

My engagement story is much more boring, but still as loving. Carolina and I woke up during the holidays after about six months of being together. We decided to change our Facebook statues to engaged and we did. People all started asking questions about how I proposed, etc. No one could believe it was just a mutual loving decision that wasn’t elaborate. It is kind of like how we decided to get married. I guess our relationship is super low-key and loving.

What about you, Persphoneers? Do you want to share your engagement or partnering stories with the crowd? Any stadium proposals? I hope someone here sent a Kiss O Gram.

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My husband proposed last December. We were Christmas tree shopping, which is one of my favorite parts of Christmas, and I ran off all excitedly to look at a tree and I lost him. This happens more often than you’d think, so I went back to find him and when I walked around the tree we’d been considering, there he was on one knee! It was chilly and gray and drizzling and it felt like someone punched me in the chest in the best possible way, so I started cracking up. By the time an attendant came to ask us if we needed help, I had gloves back on, so he just stared at me a bit as I pointed and told him, “we’ll take this tree! This is a very good tree and I want it to come home with us!” because a) it was a good tree and b) I was super excited. I still have a piece of that tree in a vase at home, and as favors at our engagement party, we gave everybody little knitted Christmas trees that my mom and sister and I made.

Sorry for the extra-long comment, I may have broken into the caffeinated coffee today. Mmmmmmm, stimulants!

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