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Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Place You’ve Explored

Hello, Unicorns!

In honor of this most excellent holiday [insert dripping sarcasm here] I want you to tell me your favorite place you’ve explored. It can be a different country, a new neighborhood, an abandoned house, whatever, just share with your fellow explorers!

Last year I got the chance to explore the Banff Springs Hotel in Canada.

Banff Springs Hotel in all its summertime glory
Banff Springs Hotel in all its summertime glory

Nestled in the Canadian Rockies, it’s an imposing building with an unbelievable view. I read about its beauty and history before visiting Banff, so I was pumped to explore it. The supposed hauntings were an added bonus and the perfect excuse to walk around every floor. I’m sad to report that I did not find any ghosts, nor were we brave enough to ride the private elevators up to the top floor. It was, however, a great hotel with a great interior, friendly staff that left us alone to walk around, and a seriously magnificent view. It was the icing on top of an awesome vacation cake. If you can, I definitely suggest you take a trip there at some point. Stay somewhere less expensive in town and just take quick drive to the hotel. You won’t regret it.

Seriously! Look at this view!
Seriously! Look at this view!

So, where have you explored?

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Oo, my family was supposed to go to that hotel in Banff when I was in junior high, but we had to cancel the trip after a death in the family. I still really want to go there someday.

I think Hawaii is my favorite place that I’ve explored. Maui was absolutely beautiful and it was so cool to be able to snorkle and travel up to a mountaintop to watch the sunrise all on one tiny island. The volcanoes on the Big Island were fucking badass, and I hate that I didn’t get to see more of them. Kauai was also awesome, though I didn’t get to see nearly as much of it as I would have liked to.

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