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Lunchtime Poll: Your Favorite Teacher

Let’s talk about our favorite teachers. 

I was fortunate to have a number of wonderful teachers. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. H., taught me the wonder of books, my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. R., taught me that it’s okay for girls to be smart, outspoken, and ambitious. I could rattle off half a dozen college professors that opened my mind to new ideas. Of all of them, however, my favorite teacher of them all was my creative writing professor, Mr. A. He was never afraid to tell me my writing was shit. In the most creative ways possible.

I still imagine him reading the stuff I write for the real world and the stuff I write here, and scribbling artful criticisms in the margins.

Who were (are) your favorite teachers?

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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Hands down, my Top 3 were Miss Scotson from 5th Grade, Mr. Kirk from 10th grade U.S. History, and Mrs. Nagengast from AP English.

Each of them were helpful in so many ways, from encouraging individuality, recognizing flaws in a non-judgmental way, but also they were not afraid to regulate on people when they needed to. Mr. Kirk and Mrs. Nagengast have passed away now (cancer and heart trouble, respectively), and I would have loved to have conversation with them as adults.

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