Midweek News: Good News, Bad News

I’m going to try a new format this week: bad news, good news. Hopefully we’ll all feel a bit more cheerful at the end of it.

Gif of United States President Barack Obama raising his eyebrows
Obama is throwing serious shade at the Republicans right now

Bad News: The game of chicken the Republicans have been playing resulted in a government shutdown. Though, as anyone with friends and family who work for the government knows, shutting down the government is a complicated process rife with steaming piles of stinky turds. New York Times 

Good News: Healthcare enrollment on the government exchanges is now open! CNN

Bad News: Venezuela expelled three US diplomats over spying. CNN

Good News: 34 young migrants were arrested after trying to enter the US without documents. Why is this good news? The arrest was part of a protest organized by young people protesting draconian laws against undocumented immigrants that prevent them from finishing their education in the states. The Guardian 

Bad News: Etsy is allowing factory-made goods now. Well, at least they’re being honest about it. The Guardian 

Good News: Siberian tigers are making a comeback in China. Los Angeles Times

What’s “news” with you?

By [E] Sally Lawton

My food groups are cheese, bacon, and hot tea. I like studying cities and playing with my cat, Buffy.

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