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New Show Recap: Parenthood, 5.04, “In Dreams Begin Responsibilities”

This week, we find the Braverman clan moving forward with Kristina’s run for mayor, new ventures for the luncheonette, and Amber’s wedding location.

Adam and Kristina are on the hunt for campaign funds for her mayoral campaign. Campaign manager Heather pushes them both past their comfort zones in asking for money. Adam’s assignment finds him in the home of Mr.Ray, a rap mogul. His first trip doesn’t lend itself to the task, but instead plants the idea that the luncheonette could start it’s own label (which Crosby finds unrealistic, and hilarious). After Kristina and Heather succeed with their meeting with local real estate developer, Kristina and Adam both decide that she can’t take the money. The developer’s interests are not in line with Kristina’s vision, and she can’t cash the check. This motivates Adam to go back to Mr. Ray and make the ask. Mr. Ray is unable to vote “due to a prison situation,” but he happily writes a check (after Adam refuses the cash), on the condition that if she wins, she’ll remove the speed bump at the end of his street.

Max Braverman (Max Burkholder) and Kristina Braverman (Monica Potter) sit on a couch in NBC's "Parenthood" episode 5.04.
Max will weigh the issues and decide whether to support his mom or Bob Little. (©NBC 2013)

Meanwhile, Julia is still struggling with being at home full time, and Sydney and Victor’s arguing leaves her at a loss. She arranges for them to work with Zeek for awhile, cleaning the parts to the GTO. Zeek notices Victor’s reading deficit and ends up asking him specifically to continue on as his helper once his punishment is over. Victor resists, but eventually comes around. It’s a smart way to help Victor in so many different aspects of his life. I hope there are more references to this relationship.

Speaking of relationships, Sarah isn’t quite done questioning Amber’s. She badgers Amber about Ryan’s family and continues to draw parallels between Amber’s situation and her own with Amber’s dad, Seth. Amber’s questions to Ryan go nowhere, and we’re left to wonder what is in Ryan’s past.

Next week will bring another new episode. With any luck, we’ll learn more about Ryan’s past, and Kristina will be closer to being elected mayor!

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