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New Show Recap: Parenthood, 5.05, “Let’s Be Mad Together”

There’s a lot for the Bravermans to be mad about in this episode of Parenthood. It starts with Crosby being mad at Adam for trading studio time for the rights to the songs for Ashes of Rome, and gets more dramatic from there.

Adam and Crosby do end up getting the rights to the songs for the band that will be the first on their budding label. Adam’s dedication to the project that Crosby is only lukewarm about causes a lot of tension between the two of them.

Kristina takes a break from campaigning in this episode (maybe campaign manager Heather is on vacation) and focuses on advocating for Max. His new-found passion for photography has him taking shots for the yearbook, but not everyone loves his work. After photographing a crying girl, the yearbook advisor has a heart-to-heart with Kristina. Max doesn’t read social cues, so he doesn’t understand what kind of photographs the students want to see in the yearbook. This leads to a conversation about how hard it was for the other students to work with Max when he was on the student council the year before. Both Kristina and Max are mad about his demotion to yearbook layout, but there isn’t much they can do about it.

This episode features a rare fight between Julia and Joel, as they continue to navigate Joel running a business and Julia staying on the sidelines. A business dinner that was supposed to define boundaries between Joel and Peet, the sexy architect, lands Joel drunkenly drooling over cake at the grocery store. Crosby finds him there, on a late night diaper run, and drives him home. Reread that sentence slowly. Joel is drunk, Crosby is the sober adult, and I think it’s officially opposite day. Things between Julia and Joel come to a head when she pushes the issue again, and Joel tells her to “step down,” and walks away.

Ryan York (Matt Lauria) in NBC's Parenthood Episode 5.05 "Let's Be Mad Together"

Sarah is preoccupied with a tenant’s clogged toilet, and Ryan comes to the rescue. One interaction with Sarah tells him there’s something going on, and Amber comes clean with her mom’s concerns. At the very end of the episode, Ryan tells Sarah about his past, and why his mom and step-dad are not invited to the wedding. I want so desperately for Amber to have a partner that I hope Ryan continues to be there for her, and that Sarah comes around.

Zeek and Camille are still silently debating their third act. A realtor stops by to let them know that houses in their neighborhood are selling well. Camille is interested in learning more, but Zeek walks away.

While Zeek’s GTO project is a godsend for Victor’s reading skills and self-confidence, Camille confides in Julia the tension over possibly selling the house and not being heard. Julia talks to Zeek, and maybe a bit of her own marital strife comes out in her speech.

Everyone is, indeed, mad together.

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