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New Show Recap: Parenthood, 5×02, “All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard”

This week, we found the Braverman clan buying into all sorts of life changes that are happening whether they like it or not. 

I love the beginning of a Parenthood season. All of the characters get screen time, and you can start wonder how things are going to go for them. This week, we see Amber and Ryan announce their engagement, Kristina launch her campaign for the mayor of Berkeley, and Camille toss an idea at Zeek that would change everything. Oh, and Julia gets to sift through cafeteria trash.

We don’t see Joel this episode, as Julia takes the kids to their first day of school solo. Sydney and Jabbar are now in third grade and she and Crosby are veterans at signing up for the required volunteer committees. Whatever you do, get to school early enough to pick any committee over Sustainability. They elbow their way through the crowd, but Julia and her new friend Ed end up on Sustainability together. Sustainability is a fancy word for “sort the food trash” after lunch. As they sort, Julia learns that Ed is also unemployed and floundering in his new role. I think it would be nice for her to have a friend. I don’t know how Joel will feel about it.

Amber and Ryan surprise everyone at a Braverman brunch with news of their engagement. Sarah is notably startled by the news, but the rest of the family appears pretty excited. They are happy and in love, and when Sarah starts asking questions, Amber wavers for only a moment. When Ryan tells her it was a spur of the moment decision, Amber isn’t exactly sold, but she rolls with it. By the time Sarah stops by, after speaking with Hank and Adam, Amber is confident in her choice. And we learn that Sarah and Seth eloped at the courthouse, and that Sarah was wearing a skort. To prevent that fate for her own daughter, she comes aboard and in essence, gives Amber her blessing. Her offering? Wedding magazines and makings for appletinis.

Kristina is moving full steam ahead on her campaign for mayor. Her campaign manager, Heather, sort of walks on the scene and takes the job before it is offered to her ,and then gets things moving. She pushes Adam to his limit, and gets him to voice his concerns over Kristina’s running for election. This leads to a heated discussion with Kristina, where they both acknowledge that she almost died. Once that was said, Adam was all aboard Braverman for Mayor.

Crosby and Jasmine are still suffering from newborn-induced lack of sleep. Jabbar is starting to feel ignored, and Crosby recognizes this. After a disastrous attempt at dinner out, Crosby “jailbreaks” him from school and takes him to the studio for an afternoon of fun. They bond over how hard it is to have an infant around. I’m not convinced that Crosby’s really bonded with the baby yet, but he’s all aboard the fatherhood train. The man who was living on a boat five years ago has grown into a really good dad.

Parenthood Season 5.2

We also get a Camille and Zeek plot line (not a common thing) this season. As they learn about getting a security system for their house to appease their homeowner’s insurance, it becomes obvious that the house is becoming a lot of work for the two of them. Camille floats an idea to Zeek: she asks him to think about selling the house. She has dreams of a condominium in the city where they could walk to attractions and visits museums. He’s not entirely convinced, and it would be a huge game-changer for the show (they gather at their house a lot, plus there’s usually a kid or a grandkid in the guest house). I’m curious to see how this plays out.

So there you have it. Plots are getting set up for some interesting developments. Let the campaigning, wedding planning and baby antics begin!

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