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New Show Recap: Parenthood 5×03, “Nipple Confusion”

This week we find the Bravermans all kind of confused as they find family dynamics changing as significant decisions need to be made.

Kristina’s campaign is off and running, and Adam is very concerned about the campaign expenses they are accruing at a record pace. When her campaign photo shoot comes up, and Sarah offers to take the photos for $50 (instead of $900), he jumps at the chance. Sarah is excited to branch out from her current niche market, what she calls dogography. When Adam has to cancel on her, Sarah is hurt and disappointed. Hank (because, apparently, they’re hanging out now) points out to her that she is, for lack of a better term, flaky. He mentions that she was a playwright when they met, which was enough for me, a seasoned viewer, to go back and think about all of Sarah’s jobs over the past five seasons. There are a lot. Hm. Hank being the observant one. Go figure. Sarah goes back to Kristina to plead her case, and Kristina relents. She ends up finding the perfect shot, after a stressful photo shoot. Adam and Kristina eventually to an agreement about supporting each other. Unrelated but related: It’s clear Kristina is still processing her cancer experience.

Amber and Ryan seem to be moving into a more adult role in the series — when Drew comes to them with a roommate problem, they help him sort it out. Drew ends up getting the room to himself with the girl down the hall he’s been crushing on…and they end up play Scrabble. He’s a good egg, that Drew.

A still image from Parenthood episode 5.03.

Julia and Joel are forced to take a hard look at Victor’s academic situation. He’s far behind in reading, and no amount of extra reading seems to be helping. The former teacher in me is shaking my head because these retention conversations happen at the end of the school year, not three weeks into the new one. Also, the school would probably have support services, and he’d for sure qualify for reading remediation. ANYWAY. In this imaginary world, Julia and Joel are faced with this dilemma now, and putting Victor in the fourth grade would put him in with Sydney (I was a year off in my calculations on episode). This causes extreme stress to the both of them, and Julia does that thing where she’s totally in charge and doesn’t  really let Joel have much say. It used to be because she was the one working, now it’s because she’s the one not working. Hm. The contrast between how Julia and Joel work through conflict compared to Adam and Kristina is striking.

Camille brings up selling the house to Zeek again, and his answer is to buy a Pontiac GTO that needs to be restored. Zeek takes a trip down memory lane, and while Camille validates it, she makes it clear that she wants more. If she sets off on a trip around the world, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Finally we get to Jasmine and Crosby. The show opens with Jasmine pumping breast milk and Crosby being in awe. The baby is still refusing a bottle, and Jasmine is at the end of her rope. Crosby talks to Zeek, and Zeek advises him on the differences between parenting boys and girls. Crosby jumps back into action, and he very sweetly tells his girl that he’ll always be there for her. Of course this is when the baby takes the bottle, and of course, Jasmine is around the corner, listening to the whole exchange. But I’ll give them that one — newborns are the best thing and the most tiring thing on the planet.


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