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Pakistani Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif stated that US drone strikes violated his country’s sovereignty and he would bring up the issue when he visits the US. As far as I’ve been able to tell, the issue of both Afghan and Pakistani sovereignty in regards to drone strikes is being largely ignored in the US mainstream media. Can anyone outside the US give insight into how this is being portrayed in the international media?

In more news out of Pakistan, a suicide bombing killed a law minister in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

The death toll from the earthquake in Bohol, Philippines has risen to 200 and crews are now focusing on clean-up rather than rescue. The biggest need now is shelter for the thousands left homeless when the earthquake destroyed their homes.

Also from the Philippines, the self-proclaimed Philippine sultan, Jamalul Kiram III, died of organ failure at the age of 75. His followers launched a bloody incursion into the Malaysian state of Sabah earlier this year.

In really good news, Nepal has made significant strides to reduce hunger, according to the most recent Global Hunger Index.

A new South Korean film draws direct inspiration from the 2007 kidnappings of 23 Christian missionaries from the Saemmul Presbyterian Church. At the time, the missionaries were criticized for proselytizing in an Islamic country, despite government warnings. South Korea is second only to the US in it’s missionary sending, and Christianity of the Protestant variety is the second most popular religion in South Korea after Buddhism.

Typhoon season has hit Asia hard this year. Rescuers in Japan are searching for the missing after Typhoon Wipha made landfall.

Indian officials arrested the crew of a US ship after they failed to produce papers that they were authorized to carry weapons in Indian waters.

An American woman was wounded when a bomb was detonated at one of best hotels in Myanmar’s capital. This is just the latest in a series of blasts that have rocked the country in recent weeks.

Finally, since we’ve been talking about cricket quite a bit lately (Afghanistan 2015!), there is a young artist out of Pakistan who took it upon herself to paint portraits of the nation’s cricket team in an exhibition called “Hero Worship.” The link contains photos of Shanzay Subzwari’s work. The paintings are fresh, bright and brilliant overall.

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