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Hello, my fellow glitter unicorns. I hope the weekend was fantastic. I had dinner on Friday with my bestie at the little Thai place about a 5 minute drive from my house. It has the best pad thai that I’ve had since I came home from Thailand. To my dismay, I found out that the restaurant is shutting down and moving forever away because the plaza is being torn down and replaced with a Whole Foods. I wouldn’t be so mad if it was a Trader Joe’s going in, but alas, I must continue my search for decent Thai food I can order for takeout on the regular.

Anyway, on to the news…

Speaking of Thailand, the most senior Buddhist leader of that nation has passed away at the age of 100. It’s estimated that 90% of Thailand’s population is Buddhist.

In India, a series of blasts killed 5 people and injured dozens of others at a rally for BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi. Modi is a controversial figure both inside and outside of India.

Also in Indian news, the country has signed a border agreement with China in the hopes of easing tensions between the two nations.

Afghan and Pakistani News

A roadside bomb killed 18 Afghan civilians, and as it seems this is always the case, most of the victims were women and children.

The US has agreed to continue sending aid to Afghanistan on condition that the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) is signed. Well, that’s nice of us.

A British Marine has been accused of killing an injured Afghan insurgent while he was stationed in Afghanistan in 2011.

Earlier in the week, the Washington Post revealed that leaked documents showed that Pakistani officials were regularly briefed on US drone strikes up until 2011. Pakistani officials deny the allegations, calling them absurd.

South Korea, North Korea, Japan and China

There has been an increase in activity at a North Korean nuclear power plant, raising concerns about nuclear weapons. So, business as usual.

While China claims that it’s made great strides in the area of human rights and the decreasing of poverty, human rights watch groups and Western governments dispute that claim.

A small tsunami hit Japan, but no major damage has been reported.

Sports and Good News

South Korea’s Lee Chang-woo won the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship by three shots and earned an invite to the Master’s in Augusta, GA in April.

Afghanistan’s Najiba Ayubi and Cambodia’s Bopha Phorn were two of three women who won the Courage in Journalism award from The International Women’s Media Foundation. Ayubi runs The Killid Group, an independent news organization, and is a co-founder of the Afghan Independent Media Consortium. Phorn writes for The Cambodia Daily and narrowly escaped with her life while she was investigating illegal logging in her country. The third woman honored was Nour Kelze of Syria.

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Nothing to do with Asia, but one time Husband and I ordered pizza and it was FANTASTIC! Just a pure paragon of pizza. Plus, the pizza place was named Fatty’s. The only way it could have gotten better was if it wasn’t Fatty’s last night of business. That’s right-we finally found a pizza that both of us liked, and the place closed THAT NIGHT!

So I totally feel your Thai pain :(

Why do the gods not want my mouth to be happy? Why am I condemned to nasty cracker crusts? I did not appreciate the pizza in NJ and now I must suffer.

You should move to Seattle-we have LOTS of Thai food. Or you could open your own! (Our standard solution whenever a place we like closes. So far, we own exactly zero businesses!)

The gods work in mysterious ways. They are testing us.

I have been contemplating a move to the Northwest for awhile so Seattle and the plethora of Thai places (and everything else) is tempting. I would open a restaurant, but considering my cooking skills are laughable, it’s probably not gonna happen. Also, I would spend all our budget on wine and serve it free to my friends.

Seattle’s definitely a great place if you like Asian food, particularly the authentic kind. It took us a few tries before us East Coast transplants to learn not to take Chinese food recommendations from husband’s Asian co-workers.

However, Seattle is not a great place if you like sun.

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