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Saturday Pop Culture Brunch 10/5/13

Happy Saturday! Come on in, I made mimosas. Let’s talk about Fall TV. 

Specifically, which new shows did you try this year that you shan’t be watching any more of?

I made it through eleven minutes, combined, of Mom and Super Fun Night. Both of these make me sad, because I love Allison Janney, and I really like both Anna Farris and Rebel Wilson. Both shows are pretty bad. Mom has a laugh track, it’s by the same creator as Two and a Half Men, and it makes two wonderful women say terrible things. Super Fun Night had at least four fat jokes before I turned it off.

We’ve got good stuff on deck for your Saturday reading pleasure, including Parenthood, Scandal, Elementary, and Parks & Rec recaps, and Jazmin’s going to teach us how to marble our nails.

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The only show I’m even remotely excited for right now is Sons of Anarchy. I watch so many shows that I shouldn’t be adding to my list, but I’ve been checking for Sleepy Hollow and I feel I HAVE to watch The Originals because you just know there’ll be crossover episodes with The Vampire Diaries. I’m only watching Low Winter Sun because I’m a Guy Ritchie fan but I don’t know if I’ll give it a second season. I should be way more excited for this show than I am.

I made it through the first episode of Mom and Allison Janney was hilarious even given the terrible material she was working with, but I don’t think I can handle how stupid the show was. The Goldbergs wasn’t as funny as I thought it might be from the previews, but since it’s between SHIELD and The Trophy Wife and nothing else is on at the same time, I’ll probably half-heartedly watch it while dicking around on the internet.

I’m going to keep giving Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a million chances, because, let’s face it, I’m here for Coulson. I hope it gets better soon, though.

Speaking of mimosas, I discovered a place near my house that does Sunday brunch with $6 mimosas. In 32 oz. pitchers. Pitchers!

Let’s go with AoS. For as much as I love punctuation, that’s a LOT of periods. I’m having fun with it too, because I’m a Marvel fangirl and really, Coulson is the best. (As is Clark Gregg; you should totally follow him on Twitter and @him with the recaps.) Really, the most annoying part for me is Skye. I’d rather the Melinda May and Phil Coulson Show, with special guests The Science Babies.

Also, my brunch place has $6 Bloody Mary pitchers, too. You don’t even get the option of a glass. Pitcher or GTFO.

This season I’m loving Scandal, Elementary, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Andre Braugher can do no wrong in my book), Parks & Rec, and The Walking Dead. (It’s going to be really hard for TWD to ruin itself for me, I suspect.) Mom breaks my heart. I saw a preview and just couldn’t. I don’t know who is advising Anna Faris, but her career is not where it should be. Also, her Emmy gown and hair were ridiculous.

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