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Persephone Magazine is pleased to partner with ALPO® for a series of posts about thier newest line of wet dog food

A dog stares at something off camera.
Meet Howard.

A few weeks ago, I told you a little bit about Howard. Howard is a rescue dog, he originally lived with neighbors of a family friend. Said neighbors decided they didn’t want him, so they just let him go in the neighborhood. (I’ll let you pause for a moment to seethe.)

When I first met Howard, he was skin and bones, with a pretty severe flea infestation, and more burrs than I could count.

A few vet trips later, regular, healthy meals, lots of play time, and many hugs later, Howard is looking like a six month old fuzzy friend should.

ALPO® provided me with two free coupons to purchase food from their newest line. You can read more about what they’re doing here, on their home page. ALPO’S HOMEPAGE

Howard is not a particularly picky dog, although he will leap three feet in the air at the possibility of chicken, so I wasn’t worried about him turning up his nose to a new food.

The product certainly looks appetizing, and the scent had Howard’s nose twitching as soon as I opened the can.

He (very) eagerly ate every bite, licking even the last bits of tasty gravy from the sides of his bowl. His fear of trash cans was the only thing stopping him from attemtping to investigate the empty food can further.

I can safely report that Howard was as well-fueled as ever. After the meal we chased a shadow for at least an hour, rearranged the dining room rug, scared a life or two out of a cat, and played fetch until neither one of us could keep our eyes open.

I don’t think Howard would complain at all if he got to eat ALPO® again.

A dog eats ALPO dog food and with a thought bubble that reads, "NOM NOM NOM."

He even got to make his friend a little jealous.

A cat stares at the camera with a thought bubble that reads, "THIS R UNFAIR" as a dog eats ALPO dog food.

To learn more, and see some cute videos from other blogs participating in this campaign, you can visit ALPO® ‘s Facebook page here. ALPO’s Facebook Page

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