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This Open Thread Is Full of Beyonce Wisdom

Kittens, when I’m feeling down, I turn to the wisdom of the almighty. You may know who I mean.



Drop a little wisdom of your own in the comments, my sweet peas. It’s Tuesday, and we all need a pick-me-up.

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Hate the bouquet toss. Hate that “Single Ladies”, a truly awesome and danceable song has been co-opted for ever bouquet toss ever. If I wanted to catch the bouquet, I would. I am six feet tall, dammit! The fact that I have never once caught a bouquet, should tell you something! NOBODY LIKES THAT SHIT, PLEASE STOP DOING IT TO US. I mean, we feel like we have to go out there, to support our friend, but really, making us all act like idiots because we just NEED TO BE MARRIED. Get your heads out of your asses, bride-friends. I love you all, I really do, but just stop this shit. Right. Stat. Now.

(Sorry about that.)

So my husband and I dated for seven years before we got engaged, and it was right when all our (my) friends started getting married. And also right when “Single Ladies” came out and was THE ONLY SONG THEY EVERY PLAYED FOR THE BOUQUET TOSS. And i absolutely loathe the stupid tradition. And even though I hated it, at every wedding we were at, some friend or other would be all, “oh, hey you’re still single so you have to go out there” in a haze of wedding-induced mania, and thus I was forced to congregate on the floor with all the other unwed women. And because this was sort of my husband’s fault at the time, and because I felt deeply resentful of being dragged into this crowd of women hopped up on wedding fumes and ready to duke it out over some overpriced flowers, I would sing along as hard as I could, all while maintaining deeply, painfully awkward eye contact with my husband. If I had to be uncomfortable, he had to share in the misery, and I think that’s what all really goooood relationships are based on.

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