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This Weekend Open Thread Has Finally Succumbed

OK, FINE! I’ll play Candy Crush. ARE YOU PEOPLE HAPPY?

After resisting for a long time, I finally picked up the Crush. So I’ll be avoiding working this weekend and shouting profanity at my phone.

A gif of Candy Crush Saga.


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I hate it when I’ve been reading a blog…And then there are two posts in a row that are just terrible. One was dismissive of their use of ableist language (i.e., “I don’t have any obligation to not call someone a borderline”) and the other was very dismissive of POC who can “pass” as white, basically saying that if they call themselves white, they’re white, and can’t claim any of their POC background (which goes for ancestors — so if a white-passing POC in the 30s claimed to be white, the current person can’t say anything about their ancestors being POCs, plus lots of “this last name doesn’t SOUND like a POC’s last name” nonsense). HATE IT. Erasure and ableism suck.

BUT, I am making bean soup and doing laundry and I cleaned my bathroom cabinet this morning (which has needed doing for…too long). Yay productivity!

Sigh. Finally brought Daisy to boyfriend’s family in south bend. She and the giant lab puppy got alon for a while, but then she was done playing and he didn’t get it, so she attacked him. (No intention of actual hurting, just a chase of “get out of my space. You should have done it when I growled at you the first time.”) Maybe I am bad at dogs, but I am a fan of letting them work it out. The one time we didn’t intervene, they handled it on their own and there wasn’t another problem, except for some barking when she decided he couldn’t be on the couch anymore. Now he’s terrified of my crazy dog, and his owners are holding him and petting him instead of letting the two of them work it out. Which is a pain, because afterward, Daisy’s trying to tell him that it’s fine, they can still be friends, she’s just tired. It’s really making things uncomfortable. Does anyone have thoughts?

It sounds like puppies owners are making him terrified…telling him that Daisy is insane something to be afraid of. Daisy was engaging in dog style teaching and now they risk their dog being the dog that no one at the park wants to play with because he doesn’t know when to back off.

You could try explaining this to BF’s family, but you’ve probably already tried. Have they done puppy kindergarten with a trainer they could ask? Could you do a one-off session with a trainer? I get the sense that they’ll listen to a “professional” more than they’ll listen to you, silly girl with the insane dog.

If Daisy isn’t food/toy possessive, maybe have the dogs engage in parallel play, ideally without the BF’s parents around. Their fear will infect the pup and they’ll jump in every time Daisy even looks at pup.

UGH…dog owners that treat their dogs like precious flowers drive me crazy! Oh-another idea, show them some videos of dogs playing vs dogs fighting. And make sure when they do play that you step in the moment things start to get out of hand.

Good Luck!

They definitely got into it this morning without anyone but me around and I couldn’t stop them. (Both absurdly fast.) They had it out, and they haven’t had a problem since. Daisy is sleeping on the floor and Benny is looking for affection after two hours of playing chase and wrestling:

Glad to hear it! Good thing the nervous humans weren’t around. I know those things can be scary, but as long as no blood is drawn, it’s all good. I remember once or twice having to peel Dog B off the ceiling after Dog A decided she was done with him and he wasn’t taking the hint :). A few hours later and we’d all be snuggled on the couch.

There is a spider between me and most of my house. And husband isn’t due home for at least an hour. And now I kinda have to pee. And my dogs are friggin’ useless animals who don’t eat spiders! I don’t know what the hell the cat is doing-they’re supposed to eat spiders, but apparently I feed him too much since he hasn’t eaten the thing either. And I’m in the Windows eco-system so I can’t even get Candy Crush on my phone (and the mouse on my laptop is too fussy to play online stuff).

Spider has been sprayed. May have already been dead, but I don’t know how I would have missed in earlier. And it’s not cruel to murderlate things with more than 4 legs if they come inside; it’s Darwinism at its finest. Any spider dumb enough to enter my house is too dumb to pass along its genes. Although, on further review, perhaps I’m helping increase the average intelligence of spiders, which…crap…

I do destroy webs if they’re between me and my tomatoes. Cause homegrown tomatoes are tasty and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a spider stop me!

Also, I used the hairspray trick on a definitely alive spider this morning and it was WONDERFUL! Now the new game will be finding out how many times I need to do this before Mr. Rachel asks why the house smells like hairspray.

Fucking cockroaches. One was on my face-washing washcloth. FORTUNATELY I noticed as I was getting said washcloth wet, and threw it down and said fucker drowned. Or else will get sprayed with bleach-based cleaner when I go to close the shower drain.

And I am going to my apartment’s management office AGAIN tomorrow (partly because I need to mail something), because there was no cockroach-nuking in my apartment this week LIKE THEY SAID THERE WOULD BE, and I saw ANOTHER (or possibly the same) fucker run under my bed this morning. Little shits.

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