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This Weekend Open Thread is Feeling Old

This Sunday is my 30th birthday. Send help, or at least vodka.

I should probably be doing something like this:

A gif of Lily from How I Met Your Mother jumping out of bed proclaiming "It's my birthday!"

But instead I’m feeling more like this:

A gif of a dog wrapping himself in a blanket as he enters his crate.Now get off my lawn, you damn kids.

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Happy Birthday! It’s your day, so vodka and pjs sounds good.
Speaking of feeling old… It’s really hit me this year. I’m 31 (so you’ve got plenty of time :p), and although I love not caring about what people say and doing boring stuff like watching nature documentaries, I miss my student days :( I envy all the young single people who have enough energy to go out and get waaaaaaaasted :p I only talk to parents these days, and I think I’ve forgotten how to talk to non-parents. I met my (not unattractive) neighbour the other day and started talking about potty training. He did not stop to chat. FAIL.

Happy birthday! You’re only nine months and two days ahead of me.

And you think you feel old, try having college-student coworkers. The ones who feel pervy thinking actors (actors our age, mind you) who have portrayed high school students are hot, because the character is a year or two younger than them.

Also, being more excited about a crock pot than, say, dating. But that might just be me.

I’m making black bean/chicken/corn soup in that crock pot today. I expect it to be awesome.

Yeeeeeeeeeeep. I can’t really avoid small talk at work (at least, when the students are working — I get a break from them when I have my month “off”, like right now, or when they’re on break but the university’s open). And, well…I hate to stereotype the entire student body based on the four students I spend my work days with, but I hear way too damn much about roommate drama and fraternity/sorority drama and going out to get waaaaaaaaasted (only said in whispers, mind you) and student council drama and feeling smarter than classmates and snotting about the Opposite Political Party being uninformed/delusional and how they work SO HARD and everyone should be able to do the same (while they have parental financial support and oooooooooodles of privilege) and more whispers. Oh, and video games/pop musicians/tv shows I don’t relate to.

Get off my damn lawn, baby undergrads.

Happy Birthday! I hope it’s the perfect birthday for you. :)

I went dancing last night, and man have I missed it. My current roommate says she likes to dance, but really she likes to go get sloppy in bars and then stagger around. But last night I went out with my softball girl friends, and we had the best time just dancing however: a little line, a little boogie, a bit white girl being ridiculous. I mean really, when someone does the Carlton, you know a god time was had.

Happy (Almost) Birthday! I hope you have as lovely a time as possible :)

My plans for the weekend mostly involve pyjamas and baking. Juniper Junior declared that he was in the mood for pancakes, so pancakes have been added to the list of baking which also includes cake and bread. Am also wondering about attempting croissants… could be interesting!

Otherwise, yeah, pyjamas. There has been a lot of tiredness in the Juniper household lately, and taking life extra-gently seems to be the way forward at the moment. This peace, however, will be shattered by taking Juniper Junior shoe shopping tomorrow. Eek!

ALSO! Because I just remembered, an update to this: I read the latest book (House of Hades) today and there wasn’t a single mention of Schizophrenia and there was only one mention of “split-personality”! There was also a rather unexpected, but lovely in its own way, coming out moment for one of the characters! All in all, a lovely read in the midst of sleep deprivation, among other things.

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