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This was a slow week for the start of the fall anime season. Only one show started this week, though next week will be packed. I’m still waiting for the final Yamato episodes to be subbed into English. So Coppelion is my new show; it’s the story of three schoolgirls sent to find survivors in Tokyo and take them to a new Radiated Paradise. If this sounds strange, that’s because the show is all about contrast.

Coppelion, Episode 1

This was sort of a slow starting episode. It’s made by the same company that did K and uses a similar color palette and direction, which means lots of blues with pretty graphics and animations. It’s a bit of a presentation episode, so it doesn’t really explain anything. I’m more confused than I was before I started watching.

What I got from this episode is that a few years ago, an unknown catastrophe happened in Tokyo that destroyed 90% of the city. It also left most of the city uninhabitable for humans, although birds and wolves seems to be fine. You have to wear a barrier suit to go in there and even then you are still at risk. For example, you can’t go close to the “coffin” because of the fog. Going by the term coffin, I would say that someone took the Chernobyl nuclear explosion and set it up right in the middle of Tokyo. Yeah, it’s a post-apocalyptic show. I’m surprised they actually animated the Coppelion manga after the Fukushima incident.

The 3 protagonists
The three protagonists

When I say humans, I mean normal humans. The schoolgirls are not normal humans. They are part of the National Defense School and they are genetically engineered to survive in the environment. Their job is to find survivors and call in the school’s vice-president (Colonel Mashimina). And like any anime, we get a whiny girl who loves to eat (Aoi, who talks in the third person), an animal loving nerd (Tsakeo) and the rebellious, badass leader (Ibara). So far, we just know that Tsakeo has enhanced senses and a love for animals. Might I add that these girls act like schoolgirls on a school trip. Ibara even says to think of it as a school trip. Although Ibara seems quite able with a gun… well, a tranquilizer gun. The girls have no weapons, nor do they have a car. They have to walk around Tokyo on foot. Aoi keeps complaining about it.

We also learn that people do not know about the existence of the kids or of Aether. It looks like the NDS has something that cures the toxicity and it pisses Ibara off that they aren’t supposed to use it. She even says that they should make more if it’s that rare. Also the SOS signals in Tokyo have increased, which is a bit strange. You think people would have left a long time ago. Anyway, I suspect these things will be explored over time. I’m not too sure where the “plot” is going exactly, but if each episode is as slow as this one, it’s going to be a bit boring to watch, despite the pretty animations.

Pretty destroyed city
Pretty destroyed city

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