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I’ve got lots of new shows because they all started broadcasting last week. We got a lot of “mecha” that I didn’t really expect, so it seems like robots popup everywhere this season. There are lots of teenagers, but that is normal. All the shows are getting at least another episode and probably more. There is lots of great character design and intriguing personalities so far. I’m crossing fingers for interesting plots.

Coppelion ep 2

So Taeko wasn’t attacked by the dog/wolf. It was an older man who was under pressure. He wants his kid back and thinks that the three girls took her. As you can see, this episode wasn’t as boring as last week’s. It was a bit melodramatic, though.

We did see some weird stuff in this episode. The dude lives in a hospital sterilized room, uses solar-powered electricity, and has food delivered every week by truck. I think even the food truck is fishy. Ibara was a bit O_o. Anyhow, the truck stopped coming a week ago and now the dude’s little girl is missing. She’s 9 years old. The team will try to find her. Prize O_o, the dude and his wife are escaped-prisoners and the wife isn’t the kid’s mom. She was even in prison for killing her own child at 20.

In the mean time, it looks like last week’s little expedition close to the coffin allowed the Vice-president to find a suit. Tests concluded it’s better then their barrier suit. I smell another fishy thing. Mind you, the opening suggested there are “bad guys” and giant killer robots in this show. It shouldn’t be surprising.

Trivia: the Coppelion unit name is based on the ballet Coppélia.

Gingitsune ep 1

We get to enjoy the wonderful world of Japanese religion. This is a slice-of-life show despite the spirits and heralds of the gods and oracles. It’s so much slice-of-life that the herald (the fox) of the gods love oranges. This was a standard episode because it showed us characters, did some exposition and explained the general personality of everyone involved. There’s not much to say, although it’s a nice episode. I would say it’s better than Coppelion‘s first episode. We also have a plot: the old fox, Gin, is missing his partner, and heralds come in pairs.

A still image from "Gingitsune."
Gin talking to other heralds.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel ep 1

The setting of this show is a bit crazy. Humanity was driven out of the sea and the air by a fleet of sentient battleships. They glow, and the only people who can save everyone are a bunch of teenagers in a submarine that also glows. If I understood everything, it seems like the bad guys have alien origins.

Considering that the submarine is called a Fog submarine I-401 and that the “bad guys” are known as the Fog Fleet, it doesn’t take much to see a connection. For clarity reasons, the sub is going to be called the Blue Steel from now on. That is its nickname and I don’t feel like calling it Iona (that is the AI of the ship name). It looks like Blue Steel was requested to serve the main character. Yay for a plot-contrived element.

There is sort of a romance/sex undertone in the dialogs that is rather funky. I mean, they are ships, so they don’t have to speak like that. There is also that concept of all these girls (ships) chasing that boy around the globe.

Tokyo Raven 01

This is the second shinto (Japanese religion) related anime of the season after Gingitsune. But this one is more fantastical than the former. I mean, the kids go to a sorcerer’s school, TV news talk about fighting spirits, and they even have 12 shaman generals working for an official branch of the government.

Our main character is Harutora, and the main female character is probably Natsume. We also have a cast of supporters (Touji and Hakuto). Natsume and Harutora are related because they are both descended from a really powerful and well-known family. Natsume is the genius of the family, while Harutora has some issues with seeing spiritual energy; he’s also a slacker. Their meeting was awkward in a cute way. This episode was full of awkward.

Hakuto is a girl and I’m pretty sure she has a thing for Harutora and he might be not be totally indifferent. They just can’t seem to “cross the barrier.” Of course, nothing is easy. Also, awkward, so awkward, especially when the “bad guy” kisses Harutora in front of Hakuto when he’s trapped by an evil “mecha.” The “bad guy,” well girl, wants to capture Natsume.

The episode ended like this. I’m still wondering what the hell just happened. But so do the main characters in the show, so I guess it’s normal.

Blazblue Alter Memory ep 01

Apparently not understanding what the hell happened in this episode is totally normal if you haven’t played the game. So I didn’t understand much beside Ragna being on a path of vengeance and his brother being unstable. Also, there is some sort of temporal paradox at work. I love the character designs though.

Galilei Donna ep 1

I didn’t expect mecha. O_o <= This was my reaction for the first few seconds of this show. It is a bit more futuristic than I expected. But it was pretty CGI, so I won’t complain. Also, everything is shaped like a fish, so it’s sort of funny.

This show is about 3 sisters, the Ferrari sisters. They are all descended from Galileo Galilei. They all have Japanese first names too, and the DNA did travel around: Hozuki, Kazuki, and Hazuki. The parents are a riot, too. The were separated, but now they will be living together because all three girls were almost kidnapped in the same day. The kidnappers showed up later at the father’s house where everyone was. Hozuki kicked them out with her self-builded goldfish. Bad guys were looking for something that none of the characters seemed to understand. This starts well.

A still image from "Galilei Donna."
Goldfish flying ship FTW

Samurai Flamenco ep 1

LOL, Masayoshi has a few wires missing in the head, I think. Although, it’s a sort of awesome concept (I’m turning a blind eye to all the boy-love talk on forums right now). This is a superhero show, but it’s set in the “real world.” It makes the superhero look more like a crazy kid than an actual superhero saving people’s lives. It’s more, “You shouldn’t be smoking in no smoking area,” than a “Batman” type of super heroism. Also, despite all his training, he can’t defend himself against a bunch of kids. He’s also making lots of money because he’s a popular top model. I guess that being a superhero doesn’t come with a paycheck.

The other character is a disgruntled cop in a long-distance relationship. He’s sort of Masayoshi’s only friend and their meeting was totally random.  The only interesting bit is the guy in the shadows watching over Samurai Flamenco, so I guess we will have a plot. I don’t know about what, though. Sort far this is an interesting commentary about modern society and heroism’s place in it.

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