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Galilei Donna is currently my favorite show because I love the goldfish. The Tokyo Raven plot advanced nicely and the characters are engaging, and Gingitsune is a nice slice-of-life. Coppelion isn’t quite there, but the third episode had some action and plot development. Arpeggio had some nice strategy stuff, but, along with BlazBlue and Samurai Flamenco, I may end up dropping them because they lack something.

Coppelion ep 03

They find the delivery man; he’s an old dude and his car keys made the vice-president tell Ibara to capture them alive. Of course, Ibara being Ibara, she ends up helping them make their delivery.

Looks like the spots of very high contamination are not “natural.” The old man calls them “zones” and says they shouldn’t be appearing all by themselves. I guess we now have a villain. We also learn what blew up and caused all the environmental problems: a plant from Tristar Industries.

Jeez, that’s a bit hard to accept that they kids wouldn’t recognize a freaking plane just by looking up. I saw right away that it was a B-2 Spirit stealth airplane. Taeko has to use her “supervision.” It’s sort of funny that she’s wearing glasses to reduce her normal vision.

The ending of this episode was a bit LOLwut! A rocket launcher, really?

Gingitsune ep 02

This show is cute — really cute. Saeki makes another friend and I suppose the real high school adventure will start next episode. This was mostly a talking episode with not much to say besides normal high school bullying at work and a stereotyped vice-president.

Tokyo Raven ep 02

It’s only episode 2 and Horuko has already confessed to the baka. By anime standards, this is a death flag. Of course, he’s been unable to contact her since. She was actually crying and a bit selfish. I mean, he was assaulted and she felt like the victim.

Tsuchimikado Yakou is the guy responsible for all the spiritual troubles. He also created modern shamanism. He tried a ritual and caused major damage everywhere. The girl from the first episode (Suzuka) want to replicate it. She does seem a little off. Apparently the ritual was so he could reincarnate himself.

Funky CGI shot
Funky CGI shot

Harutora and Natsume are both descendants of the guy, too, and Horutora thinks that Natsume is the reincarnation of Yakou. I’ll go and say that he is the reincarnation right away without even looking at any spoilers because that’s just how anime works.

Well, I guess Suzuka has a good reason to be on a worrying religious mission if her story is true. It turns out she may have had a shitty childhood. Holy moly — it looks like the death flag came sooner than expected, but Horuko is a familiar, not a real person. Gah! Harutora asks Nattsume to make him her familiar, so she calls him the same way Horuko calls him. I think we found her previous familiar.

The CGI mecha were a bit out-of-place in this episode.

Blazblue Alter Memory ep 02

WTF! I both understand and don’t understand this story. We got NU again and she identifies herself as unit 13. At the same time, Noel is identified as unit 12. Noel gets kid flashbacks that are the same as Ragna’s. Is everyone a freaking robot?

So the paradox is changed this episode, but Noel saves Ragna from dying along with NU. And Noel is the real Azure successor, the Calamity Trigger. Oh boy.

I want to read about the games now that I understand a few things.

Galilei Donna ep 02

I’m not a big fan of Kazuki because she calls the Goldfish mecha creepy. Hozuki builds it to go to Japan one day. It has weapons because of the existence of Sky Pirates. I want to see them!

Of course we get corrupt cops and a well-dressed bad guy who wears only a single glove and does origami. Also, the girl who saves the lawyer-sister, Anna Hendricks, saves Hozuki this episode and asked for an autograph. She’s a fan of Galileo (I think she’s a spy, personally).

Anna actually knows what Galileo’s inheritance is. It’s a sketch and I suspect the Goldfish is based on the sketch. Anime are that predictable. Also, the evil dude is evil. We know this because he wants to shoot the two captured sisters. Seems like his daddy did shoot the mom though, and he’s  technically her boss. Charming. The girls are now all by themselves.

This episode’s highlight was the Goldfish mecha. I mean a real mecha robot with somebody in it shaped like a goldfish with arms and legs. I’ve seen everything now, everything.

Goldfish everything!
Goldfish everything!

Samurai Flamenco ep 02

The manager, Ishihara, is scary.

So Hazama gets a gig in a TV show with girl pop idols. He is super tense about the whole thing and ends up singing one of his Sentai show’s theme song. One of the girls hears him, so I guess she’s a fan of whatever he sang.

Samurai Flamenco finally gets some good publicity by retrieving the stolen umbrella of Gotou. Lol at the TV quiz where he guesses his name, too.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel ep 02

It’s interesting the alien fog ships have an Admiralty Code that forbids them from attacking a land target unless it’s collateral damage. I did say it was a weird setting last week. It looks like your big submarine is in trouble. Takoa, a heavy cruiser, is stopping them from moving because she has perfect detection and accuracy.

This episode was cool, although a bit on the exposition side of things. The evil ships engaging in discussion is rather interesting, too. That said, I don’t like the “harem” vibe.

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