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Three episodes into the season and I decided to drop BlazBlue and Arpeggio. Coppelion, Tokyo Raven and Galilei Donna were super awesome this week, and the latter two even have plots that make sense. Gingitsune and Samurai Flamenco are a bit lower on the scale of awesomeness, but they are still holding their own.

Coppelion ep 04

Action! The bomber chase was rather cool. Also, Ibara learned how to use a rocket launcher in her gym class. This was also another emotional episode, mostly because Ibara can’t stand losing people. I guess that beside the badass genes she also got lots and lots of empathy, maybe a bit too much.

Aoi is still annoying and crying all the time. Just like her, I really wonder what are her “special” powers. She seems like the most normal of the group.

In this episode, we learn that some unscrupulous companies are using the little fact that the Old Capital is a wasteland to stash more waste there. They filled a full waterboard racing pool with radioactive waste. Ibara was not happy, nor were the other humans.

The professor gave the kids his journal with all the known survivors in the city. And it appears that the next episode will have tanks.

Gingitsune ep 03

So the other herald was called Kinjirou and he left because he felt powerless to help others who came with their prayers.

Gintarou, Makoto and turtle herald
Gintarou, Makoto and turtle herald

Wait, they live in Shinto City? That’s like calling a town Religion City. And I’m still surprised that the god of harvest is a fox (for real, too). Also, that turtle herald is awesome, so full of stereotypes. Makoto got to talk to more heralds this episode and realized that they live super long and that for them humans live in a blink. It was sort of a sad episode, now that I think about it.

Tokyo Raven ep 03

So now that Baka-Tora can see the spirit energy, he and Natsume go after Suzuka to stop her rezzing her dead brother. On a white glowing horse that can fly. Yeah, for shamans!

We also learn a bit more about Hokuto. Besides the little familial dragon of the same name being under the control of Natsume, we also learn that she was a manipulated familiar. By the end of the episode, if you haven’t guessed who it was, you are as stupid as Baka-Tora. The funniest part is that Touji has always been a spirit seer and totally knew she was a familiar. Hahaha.

Hokuto, I swear that's the dragon name
Hokuto new look, sort of

The episode ends with Touji and Horatora joining the shaman school in Tokyo. I should add that Horatora was quite the athlete in the fight against Suzuka’s familiars, despite acting like a newbie. I give him beginner’s luck.

Blazblue Alter Memory ep 03

I didn’t get the beginning one bit. One super monster shot down at a city every four years. And every four years, the little bunny uses her shield power to block his attack. That’s like stupid or something.

Really thinking of dropping this, just makes no sense unless you played the games, I guess.

Galilei Donna ep 03

So the bad guys are a company who now control the only source of energy on the planet. They used sky pirates (actually an evil branch of the company) to destroy and control all the methane hydrate mines on the planet. Messier is the name of the branch, which is sort of weird for a company called Adnimoon. The CEO is also the guy who shot Mama-Galilei, resulting in her losing her memory of her family. Daddy is still running around, though. I hope he doesn’t get caught again. I’m rooting for the family, you see.

Speaking of the family, Hochii is a crazy genius, but a bit simple-minded. She puts everything in her ship. Dishes, beds, a shower… but no food. Kazuki is depressed because she’s not a tech genius and she misses her mom. She also hates oils and wants to go home. Yep, she has an inferiority complex toward Hochii. The elder sister seems to be a brainiac, though not as self-centred as expected. She’s the one who had to point out to Kazuki that Hochii made the ship for the entire family (someone had issues with the divorce, I think).

Bouahahha! “Those moves totally break the rules!” I love the lawyer-sister, she’s just so…so…her.

I’m really, really, really finding Anna suspicious. She spent half the episode annoying the sisters about the Galileo Tesoro. It’s like taking a trip with a crazy stalker. Although, she’s really providing the proper push for them to start searching for it.

Samurai Flamenco ep 03

This was a pretty good episode. Quite entertaining. Red Axe (the real one, well, the actor) decideed to take the name Samurai Flamenco and presented himself as the real deal.

Hazama didn’t like that and tried to save Red Axe. Sort of. He ended up being made his “student.” He was even able to avoid his manager from finding the truth by having the cop pose as SF in front of the TV. The pop idol band singer saw through it, though.

We continue on the evaluation of heroes in society as well and their place in the showbiz and real world. I really wonder where this is going. They can’t reuse the same concept every episode, can they?

Arpeggio of Blue Steel ep 03

Hmm. I think I’m going to drop this. Taoko, the cruiser defeated a while back, now wants Gouzo as captain. She wants to be submissive, too. Bleh.

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