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Ask UfYH: A Clean Break

Q: I am a student and I’m using 45/15 for studying now, but is it a bad idea to use the 15 minutes for some unfucking? Should I make sure that my breaks are purely doing something that’s not homework, work, or unfucking? Is reading for pleasure something that wouldn’t be a good break because I have to read/write a lot for school? Should I save my pleasure reading for later after my work is done, like when I need an unfucking break?

A: This really all depends on you. I personally would avoid doing another kind of work during my breaks, because then it’s not a break. However, some people find that housework helps them focus, or just shifting gears for a limited time can help them keep sharp on their main task. As far as pleasure reading goes, I still consider that a break, because I love reading, and if I didn’t allow myself to use it as a reward or a break, I’d be depriving myself of something I really enjoy. My only problem with reading during breaks is that I have a hard time stopping. I usually use my 10s or 15s for computer stuff or TV watching. Or coloring. Don’t judge me.

Q: While decluttering a specific area in my home, I get stressed out at the rest of the clutter. For example, I’m working through the kitchen this week, but there’s a massive stack of paperwork in the bedroom. How do you maintain your cool and not get stressed out about the work that is yet to be done?

A: By realizing that there are a finite number of hours in a day, and that it’s impossible to get everything done at once. Give yourself a timeline for the next project, so if the paperwork starts to stress you out, you can say, “OK, I’ll get to that next Monday,” so you know it’s not going to be haunting you forever. If you’re the type of person who is helped by charts or lists, make one with all of the areas that are stressing you out and assign times for them. You may also find that alternating your sessions might make you feel better; for example, do two 20/10s in the kitchen and then one on the paperwork.

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One reply on “Ask UfYH: A Clean Break”

I am one of those people who is a fan of cleaning in between study breaks, especially if I’m feeling stressed out. I find cleaning up is a good way to feel like I’m in control when school work feels like it’s getting away from me. I can’t really control the fact that the words aren’t really flowing on that paper, but I sure can make my bathtub clean!

But I will say that cleaning generally doesn’t stress me out. While I don’t love it, I generally don’t mind it and find a bit of mindless housework with a podcast running in the background to be very therapeutic when I’m stressed. So if you’re like me and are generally not stressed out by housework, then it might be a good break. If housework stresses you out, then maybe consider another kind of break.

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