Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Dispatches from Ladyblogland

This week is about white feminism (it’s not doing such a good job), women in the kitchen (no one’s talking about them), Scandal (is it a scandal?), poetry (it’s queer), sexy Latinas (people need to stop), and awesome young women fighting the power (they pretty much rock!).

Have you seen Lily Allen’s new music video? If not, you’ve probably heard people talking about it. Looks like Allen, a singer who previously held a niche in pop-feminism, has jumped the shark into terrible white feminism territory. The Hairpin

Why, when women are responsible for making so much food for their families, are female chefs virtually ignored? Mother Jones

Are Scandal writers getting lazy with their tropes? The Frisky

This looks fun! A documentary on queer poets of color. Colorlines

Something that needed to be done: A discussion of the “sexy Latina” stereotype. Aya de Leon

In something that made me think that maybe all of this feminism is working, students walked out on a sexist school speaker and made an amazing hashtag: #lookadouche NYMag

What did you read this week?

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The shame – to me – about the Lily Allen story is that she tries to make a point, but does it the complete wrong way. Therefore she will only be remembered for being wrong and the point drowns in Oh My God Did She Do That discussions. Parody clips don’t work very well, Pink’s Stupid Girls years ago was pulled through the strainer as well.
Geesh, fall back on pictures and talking heads in your video clip if it’s so hard.

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