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Dispatches from Ladyblogland Lean In

If you haven’t ready Sheryl Sandberg’sĀ Lean In, you’ve at least heard someone talking about it. Maybe someone even told you to lean in. Maybe you want to lean in, too. bell hooks offers a close-read of Sandberg, calling the author a faux-feminist. Feminist Wire

If you’ve ever encountered sexism/racism/choose-your-ism in a progressive space, this article is for you. The Toast

There is something about this push toward healthy rather than skinny that is bothersome. This author explains it brilliantly. Kyriolexy

What would a “real” feminist do? The Toast

Can the teevee help change our perception of women and computers? The New York Times MagazineĀ 

This little gif is super helpful when people start using “feminist” is weird ways.

Inigo Montoya Gif

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Eg! I just wish people wouldn’t trip over their feet to make something their new fad. I’m one hundred percent aboard people getting healthy/healthier and thinking of their health, but this again turns into the WHY AREN’T YOU DOING IT instead of Have You Considered Doing This category. EG!

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