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Doctor Who Giveaway Day Two: Preparing for the 50th Anniversary

It’s day two of our Doctor Who giveaway, leading up to the 50th Anniversary special on 11/23. Let’s catch up on all the news and take a peek at the trailers after the cut.

The BBC is going all out to promote the 50th Anniversary, with several new specials premiering over the next week and a half, and lots of marathons to catch up on Nine, Ten, and Eleven. This is all leading up to “The Day of the Doctor,” with my pretend boyfriend David Tennant and the lovely Billie Piper returning to run through space and time with Moffet’s Moppet, Eleven. (This is said with nothing but affection, I like moppets. Moppets are cool.)

If you haven’t yet caught the trailers, or want to watch them again, here they are. I’m not sure if these are spoiler-y, I still have no idea what’s going to happen after watching several times, but if you want it all to be a big happy surprise on the 23rd, don’t click.

The Mary Sue has a great post with all the events, specials, and marathons leading up to the 50th. They also have a great collection of photos from the special.

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Bath towel designed to resemble the TARDIS from Doctor Who

Bathrobe in the design of the time traveling TARDIS on the Doctor Who television program.


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My Barnes & Noble (mine as in I work there, not that I own the behemoth, natch…) will be having DOCTOR WHO DAY on the 22nd; we’re dressing up in character or in Whovian Tshirts, we’re naming mixed beverages at the cafe’ after companions, we’re running the music all day, and we’ll be having a costume contest and trivia contest. We’re nerding out over this whole thing. SO. MUCH. FUN.

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