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Giveaway: Bathe Like You Live In The TARDIS

Friends, Whovians, dancing Oods, lend me your eyes, for we’re about to give away some really cool stuff.

As the Whovians know, the 50th Anniversary special is airing in a slightly less than two weeks, on November 23, and we Yankee fans get to see it on the same day as our British friends. It also happens to fall on the day after my birthday, which is the perfect way for David Tennant to show me he cares, since I can’t pin him down for riding unicorns in Scotland.

Our friends at TV Store Online, and their plucky friend Mikey at PaperRoxScissors, have partnered with us to give you all the shot at winning your very own officially licensed TARDIS bath towel and robe combo. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here on P-mag, or you can retweet any of the giveaway posts running between now and Thursday on Twitter. Sally J. and I will select a winner with our random number generating unicorn this weekend, and the winner will be announced early next week. Later on this week, you can expect a trivia challenge, a link list to all the latest gossip and trailers, and, of course, a post full of all of P-mags best Doctor Who .gifs, so not only can you win these groovy things, you can have a lot of fun while you enter. Good luck! GERONIMO!

Bath towel designed to resemble the TARDIS from Doctor Who


Bathrobe in the design of the time traveling TARDIS on the Doctor Who television program.


In return for providing us with these awesome prizes, TV Store Online would love for you to know about their site and their social media links, which you can find below.

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Doctor Who Merchandise page

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