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Giveaway: Last Day, Let’s .gif

This is your last chance to enter our Doctor Who giveaway! We’ve got lots of entries so far, both here and on the Twitters.¬†

For today’s post, I thought we’d have a DW .gif party, because that’s how we do around here.

A gif of Wilf from Doctor Who dancing and wearing reindeer antlers.

A gif of an Adipose baby from Doctor Who with the caption "I love everyone in the bar."

A gif from Doctor Who featuring the Doctor and River Song.

The Eleventh Doctor pointing to a clock that reads zero with the caption "look at all the fucks I give."

A gif of the Tenth Doctor saying "because I'm clever."

A gif of the Eleventh Doctor saying "I was not expecting this."

A gif of an Ood from Doctor Who made into a parody L'Oreal ad.

A gif from Doctor Who of the TARDIS that zooms out to crop circles that read "Doctor."

A gif of the Tenth Doctor saying "you are brilliant, you are."

A gif from classic Doctor Who of a Dalek falling into a pit captioned "I regret nothing."

A gif of a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who.

A gif of the Eleventh Doctor rubbing noses with a snowman.

A gif of Rory Pond looking shocked.

A gif of a mobile phone receiving a call from the TARDIS.

A gif of the Eleventh Doctor threatening to blow up the Daleks with a jammy dodger.

A gif of the Tenth Doctor saying "allons-y."

A gif of Donna Noble impersonating an Ood.

A gif of Martha Jones eating a cookie.

A gif of a waving adipose baby.

A gif of River Song being an epic badass.

A gif of Martha Jones being skeptical.

A gif of Donna Noble acting like the goddess she is.


Here’s a little reminder about the prizes you’re commenting for:

Bath towel designed to resemble the TARDIS from Doctor Who

Bathrobe in the design of the time traveling TARDIS on the Doctor Who television program.


In return for providing us with these awesome prizes, TV Store Online would love for you to know about their site and their social media links, which you can find below.

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