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Lunchtime Poll: Book or Movie?

When the first Harry Potter movie first came out, I had never read the books. Looking back, that may be one reason I enjoyed the first movie, but became more critical of the rest. I just tend to enjoy movies more if I watch them first, then read the book second.

Catching Fire premieres today, and I’m excited to see it. I’ve yet to finish the book, and while I initially thought I should finish it before I go, my gut feeling tells me to see the movie first so I can enjoy the book more. It’s interesting to gain more insight when reading the book afterwards, rather than get frustrated at the lack of it in a condensed movie.

How about you: movie first, or book first? Which gives you the most enjoyment out of both?

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3 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: Book or Movie?”

I’m one of those that nearly always enjoys the book more than the film no matter what order I’ve read them in. I believe that’s partly because we tend to get a thicker story in the book, and I can also use my imagination a little more. That said, I’m not slavish to adaptions. If the film faithful in tone and overall structure, I usually enjoy it well enough.

Re-reading the book after watching the film or television adaption can be really fun. Lately, I’ve been reading the ASOIAF series along with the corresponding season of Game of Thrones. That has been really fun.

I always enjoy the book more than I do the movie, no matter what it is. The only exception might be the BBC miniseries for “Pride & Prejudice” but that is only the case because it is such a faithful adaptation of the novel and because, hello, Colin Firth.

Book first, just because I’ve usually read it long before there is a movie, or before I knew about the movie. Except Gone With The Wind. I’m excited to see Catching Fire. I’m seeing it with my Dad, like we did for Hunger Games, and it’s really interesting to get his take on it, as he is someone who (not surprisingly) has never read the books. It’s one of the few series we both love, and will discuss critically together, so we’ll be in line with the thirteen year old girls next weekend!

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