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Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Adult Beverage

My wife and I attended a pretty awesome dinner party on Sunday. Though the entree was pumpkin soup, the real stars of the night were the wine and beer. I am a drinker, so I am always out looking fun new beverages. Living in Seattle, I get to hear about all the new hipster beverages before your mom starts raving about them. For example, I just found out that fermented, flavored vinegar is the new bitters. They are called shrubs. On Sunday, we did not have anything with which to mix them, but I did try a few sips of each. They weren’t bad. I also got to try a chai tea beer, which was fantastic. It really tasted like chai with a side of hops. The wines we had were mostly California reds. I do not remember if they were Merlots or Cabs, because I was just handed the glass and started drinking.

My favorite drink is either a hard cider, usually something from the northwest, or a vodka cranberry, which I drank heavily of in college. I am beginning to like Scotch, which is throwing me off. There is something about the burning that I enjoy. Unlike Ralph, tastes like burning is good for me.

My favorite non-alcoholic drink is root beer or Dr. Pepper.

So Persephone readers, what is your favorite adult beverage? I realize not everyone drinks, so any beverage is cool in my book. I hope someone says Yoohoo, because that is damn tasty.

By Alyson

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my favorite adult beverage right now is crispin’s brownstone old english hard cider – it’s crisp and dry, unlike a lot of super sugary ciders i’ve had in the past. i’m planning on trying to make a mamie taylor this weekend! ginger ale, scotch whiskey and a twist o’ lime.

my favorite non-adult beverage is probably unsweet black iced tea with a squeeze of lemon. i could drink it alllll day.

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