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Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Family Games

The season of holidays and family get togethers is fast approaching! Are you ready?

Finding the right game is a balance: a game that will work for the number of players, that is fun for all of the players, that won’t lead to tears and bitter recriminations. This can be hard enough among a group of friends, but adding in Grandma and little Timmy can make the process even more challenging.

I fondly remember playing Outburst as a child at family Thanksgivings. Calling out random words is pretty much all little kids do, after all.

A picture of a vintage Outburst Game.
Outburst game components. From etsy

Many endless rounds of Yahtzee; admit it, you love shaking the dice, too.

A picture of a Yahtzee set.
Did your copy of Yahtzee have a smell? Our copy had a distinct smell and this picture brings it immediately to mind. FromĀ Wikipedia

Later in the evening, the adults would play cards or cribbage and the children got to play with them as a “team.”

A picture of a Cribbage Board.
This is the cribbage board my parents had. From WorldWise Imports

These days, I don’t have much opportunity to interact with mixed groups, so I’m not sure what current games are fun for all.

What are your favorite family games?

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