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Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Karaoke Song

Aside from food, singing karaoke at my family gatherings is one of the highlights of those events. Just combine that with lots of alcohol and you have yourself a party, my friend!

I’m never the type to volunteer to sing, and I’m usually forced into it for pure entertainment. When I was younger, my family would bribe me to sing with money, and I obviously wouldn’t budge until it got to an acceptable amount, because really? Don’t lowball me!

The song I’d always pick to sing was Madonna’s “Take a Bow” because it matched my vocal range perfectly, wasn’t too over the top like a Whitney or Mariah tune, and there is just a slight reach during the bridge of the song to throw some power into it. Then there’d be the occasional Filipino/Tagalog song, which I’d always charge more for because they weren’t easy for me to sing.

What’s your favorite song to sing for karaoke? Do you sing ballads, current pop songs, or do you turn into a rapper? Oh, the possibilities!

By Luann

Feminist, Pinay, coffee lover, boba aficionado and pop culture enthusiast. Current graduate student in Peace and Conflict Studies. Dwelling in the rainy city of Portland, Oregon but always California dreaming. You can also read more of her articles at

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Haha, brilliant, I almost wrote an open thread about karaoke last night ;) The songs I like to sing are generally not karaoke friendly, but lately I’ve been singing “Don’t go breaking my heart” a lot with my daughter, and it’s so much fun!

I once did a mean “Valerie” at a bar, but my go to is usually Carole King, or at the end of the night, Mama Cass’s version of “Dream a Little Dream.” I’m a committed alto with a love for folky jazz. I have done the obligatory Summer Nights with a gay musical theater friend. And if I get drunk enough, I will do “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” Without looking at the screen. It’s my party trick.

Love all of these selections!! The songs I end up singing when I’m near full-blown intoxication always ends up being a Jennifer Lopez song. I don’t know why, but before you know it, I’m singing ‘Waiting for Tonight’ and the bar has turned into a dance party. At least this is what I think in my head while I’m singing off-key.

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