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Lunchtime Poll: Magnum Opus

One of the biggest failings I feel about myself as an artist is that I have yet to create my magnum opus. Though there are plenty of concepts and works in progress, there’s nothing that I feel that defines me as an artist, or even as a human being.

Whether you’re an artist, writer, or even if you’re just feeling unrest about other accomplishments in your life, what is that magnum opus you feel the urge to create but haven’t, or if you have, what was it? If you’re not a creative individual, what’s the part of your life you feel that defines you the most, or that you wish did?

By Bipolar Gurl

Bipolar Gurl is an artist and... well, that's about it really. Multi-talented she is not.

3 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: Magnum Opus”

One day I’ll write that big book about belonging; physical journeys, emotional attachments, running, arriving, settling, lying down and being perfectly still inside.

It’s probably just gonna stay in my head, but hey, at least I have dreams :p

If I have a magnum opus, it is my lifelong friendships with my two Jersey Girls–we’ve known each other since we started kindergarten and are twenty-seven (nearly twenty-eight) now. We’ve seen each other through everything in our lives, from parental divorces, dating and all the issues there, two of us getting married (we have all stood up at each other’s weddings so far), losing family members, and major health scares. No matter how far we go, no matter how long it is between seeing each other, their presence in my life is there, like the sky–big and beautiful and so vast that you actually manage to forget about it sometimes. If my life’s story is ever to be told, I’d like it to be told by them. They love me deepest and clearest and most absolutely than anybody else.

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