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Lunchtime Poll: To-Do

I’ve spent some time this week clearing my backlog of “to-do”s. There are always just lingering things at the back of my mind that cause me guilt over not getting done. This week I’ve worked to complete some and removed others from my list completely as they’re just not worth the guilt. Call it a bit of fall cleansing.

What are some things on your to-do list that have fallen by the wayside?

By Bipolar Gurl

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Oh, my bathrooms really needs a good clean, but since I do clean it regularly (!), it’s more of an immediate to-do, rather than a lingering one. So, let’s see… Sorting out my yarn stash, ordering holiday pictures for an album, getting rid of children’s drawings/birthday cards/old shopping lists/printouts that clutter our bookshelves. And making a to-do list for Christmas presents. Because to-do lists are actually pretty great ;)

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