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Lunchtime Poll: What’s Your Favorite Pumpkin Treat?

Living in Portland for the past three years has gotten me into the spirit of enjoying each of the four seasons, something that we native Southern Californians tend to miss out on.

Because of my time here in Portland, I’ve fallen in love with the seasons fall and winter. From the switch to warmer clothing attire to the constant need for a hot beverage to comfort the soul, fall and winter are seasons are close to my heart.  The best part of these seasons in particular is the number of pumpkin-related delicacies that arrive! Everything can be found in pumpkin flavor, from the classic pumpkin pie to pumpkin-flavored dog treats (I admit this is a little overboard). There’s no doubt that the fall season reeks of pumpkin EVERYTHING and the winter only sustains the tradition until spring.

What’s your favorite pumpkin treat? My personal favorite pumpkin-esque treat? Pumpkin pie and pumpkin spice lattes. Delicious!

By Luann

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4 replies on “Lunchtime Poll: What’s Your Favorite Pumpkin Treat?”

My favorite pumpkin treat is when all of the pumpkin-flavored stuff goes away. Pumpkin spice just tastes like spice, since pumpkin itself tastes like a mealy zucchini. So just add nutmeg and cinnamon to everything and skip the stupid orange middleman.

/notorious hatred of pumpkin spice everything.

Pumpkin is not really as much of a thing here in Ireland – we carve them for Halloween but we don’t really eat them. Although Starbucks seasonal flavours are universal, I think.

Having said that, the farmer I buy my veg from is on a pumpkin/squash buzz this year, so I have had my eyes opened to the wonders of the pumpkin world :) My favourite so far is a pumpkin vegetarian chili (with lentils and black beans). It’s the ultimate winter warmer and there’s a pot of it waiting for me when I get home, nom. I still haven’t embraced the idea of pumpkin in sweet things, maybe that will be my next experiment!

Sharon, that pumpkin vegetarian chili sounds divine and I’m not even a vegetarian! You’ll have to try at least one pumpkin dessert this season before all of the pumpkin stuff goes away. I recommend starting with something simple, like pumpkin pie – I’m also biased because it’s my favorite!

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