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New Show Recap: Bones, Episode 9.08, “The Dude in the Dam”

A sperm donor ends up in a beaver dam, Hodgins gives birth, and Brennan gets into a feud. 

Two kids find a body in a beaver dam. Brennan’s team can’t remove the slug-ridden body until they build another dam. Hodgins starts a trend of being overly sympathetic this episode as he laments destroying the work of those poor beavers. Once released from the dam, the victim is identified as Sean Nolan, a thirty-year-old print model who sold some sperm on the side.

The suspects include:

Sean’s girlfriend, an accountant who was supporting them both.

Allison Stallings, a mother who unknowingly used Sean’s donated sperm to conceive her child, along with two other parents. Sean was taking sneaky pics of the kids at the park they frequented.

A still image from Bones episode 9.09.
This dude’s sperm gets around. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Company. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Ms. Lanfranco, director of the sperm bank, who discovered that Sean didn’t have the Ivy League degree he claimed; as a result, she cut him off from the donor program.

Sean’s drug dealer... er, trainer, who was possibly plying him with hCG. He broke Sean’s arm a few months ago when Sean said that the growth hormone wasn’t working. Some guy to whom Sean had sold his sperm to on Craiglist said his wife still wasn’t getting pregnant.

A husband who was giving Sean the last of their money to try to get his wife pregnant. He says that he should have killed the lady from the sperm bank who recommended Sean, which leads the team back to Ms. Lanfranco.

Lanfranco claims that she was just helping Sean out. During the interrogation, Brennan suspects that Lanfranco is pregnant. She is. Not from a donation from Sean; no, the couple got pregnant the old-fashioned way. He was going to break up with the girlfriend and stay with her.

The weapon is identified as a weapon of convenience, a three-headed hoe that happened to be at the rest stop where Sean was killed. The pattern of the cuts shows that the killer was going for Sean’s junk when she (presumably she because no guy would go for another guy’s junk) nicked the femoral artery, leaving Sean to bleed out. This, combined with what Lanfranco said, brings us back to the girlfriend as the killer. She says they got past the whole cheating thing. When Booth asks her about Sean raising the baby, the girlfriend cracks up because he never wanted to raise kids. They go back to Lanfranco, finally having secured some of the killer’s DNA from the corpse, and she confesses.

The B-Plot

Hodgins has a botfly!!! Angela is creeped out and wants Cam to cut it out, but, dude, I’m with Brennan… that’s freaking cool. I don’t know why, but I am fascinated with botfly videos. It’s like popping a zit. Angela comes around, though, and helps Hodgins birth the botfly. They name him Jefferson.

A still image from Bones episode 9.09.
Won’t somebody think of the beavers? ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Company. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

The C-Plot

Booth and Brennan are debating tablets vs. newspapers. Booth takes a shot at bloggers, and Brennan finds some snark aimed at her from another mystery author (played by the divine Nora Dunn). This becomes a feud. Angela points out that Brennan isn’t big on tact, and she realizes that she needs to apologize. Brennan is brought together with Tess Brown on Book Beat, but it does not go well. Sweets visits Brennan to drop some knowledge: Tess was baiting her because she wanted to start a feud in order to boost her own profile. It works out well for Brennan, too, since her publisher decides to move up the publication of her next book.

A still image from Bones episode 9.09.
Frenemies on Book Beat ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Company. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Brennan invites Tess to lunch and confronts her. Tess’s response is, “You’re welcome.” She knows she’s a hack and that her fans are idiots. Unfortunately, when she says that, she’s being filmed by one of her fans. Tess gets some instant karma as she’s dropped by her publisher. BAM! Don’t mess with Brennan, lady!

The Verdict

This was a surprisingly pleasant episode. I liked that we went back and forth on the killer a few times. Both subplots were excellent. What do you think?

By Crystal Coleman

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I enjoyed this episode very much, especially compared to last week. I also thought Hodgins was adorable (even if the fly thing was icky) and I will never again question Angela’s love for him . . . the woman slept in the same bed with him while he had a bug fetus growing in his neck. She wins errr’thing.

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