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New Show Recap: Bones Episode 9.09, “The Fury in the Jury

Brennan is on the jury for a case against a major soccer star, Peter Kidman. The Jeffersonian team is split as to which side Brennan will be on: Angela and Hodgins think it is clear that the defendant committed the murder. Cam and Squintern Daisy think the evidence just isn’t there and Brennan always goes with the evidence.

Apparently, even though it’s a celebrity trial, Brennan isn’t being sequestered, and Booth takes her to check on her team’s case before going home for dinner. The victim of the week was found in the water with a smashed-up face and some bullets. Before Brennan can get into it, however, she’s called back to court for an impromptu meeting with the judge. The meeting is to inform the jury that something’s come up that could affect their deliberations and they’re all being sequestered. Ha! How the hell does Brennan even get called onto a jury? I mean, she’s a regular expert witness, doesn’t that make her way too close to the process for the comfort of either side?

Those still on the outside hear speculation that the defense’s key witness, Christopher Barnes, is switching sides. The sides present their cases. Brennan causes a bit of a commotion when she responds to a rhetorical question. The court adjourns and even though the jury is unanimous in thinking Kidman murdered his wife, Brennan can’t vote guilty because she has reasonable doubt.

BONES:  Brennan (Emily Deschanel, C) serves as a juror on the trial of a professional soccer player who is accused of murdering his wife in the "The Fury in the Jury" time period premiere episode of BONES airing Friday, Nov. 15 (8:00-900 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Company.  Cr:  Jennifer Clasen/FOX
Brennan being the least helpful jury person ever. (©2013 Fox Broadcasting Company. Cr: Jennifer Clasen/FOX)

On the victim of the week front, the team examines the body and finds two gunshot wounds and water in the lungs, which leads Daisy to suspect that the victim was shot twice before trying to swim away. Booth and Sweets interrogate a drug dealer who was delivering some drugs to the beach the day before. He’s pretty much cleared, though, when an old skin graft IDs the victim as Christopher Barnes, the witness who never showed up to the trial. Because OF COURSE the cases are connected. They have three days of deliberation, and a Not Guilty verdict is reached. Angela doesn’t understand how Brennan could have let that happen.

Kidman is brought in by Booth and Sweets due to the Barnes murder. Barnes was living in the guest house and was Kidman’s best friend. His lawyer says his alibi is solid: the press was outside his house for weeks, and he never left at night. When Brennan returns post-trial, she finds out about Barnes and feels guilty — if she weren’t on the jury, she other jurors would have voted guilty. Booth says that they just have to make sure to provide a solid case against Kidman in the Barnes murder to make it all right.

Ginko biloba spores, algae in the lungs, and fabric on the body point to runoff from a water treatment plant. A bloody rock in a nearby pond proves to be what smashed the victim’s face in. Unfortunately, a small gemstone points to the murderer being a woman, possibly a girl with the screenname KinkyKelly. Barnes was supposed to meet this girl for sex the night of his murder. Video from the library where KinkyKelly sent the email shows that “Kelly” was actually Allison Kidman, the suspect’s sister. Allison cries throughout the interrogation but doesn’t say anything, per her lawyer’s advice. The lawyer says that they need to either arrest her or let her go, so Booth places her under arrest. Blood found on one of Allison’s boots keeps her in custody, but Brennan is convinced that Peter must have been involved, too, due to fractures that must have resulted from a powerful kick.

BONES:  Brennan (Emily Deschanel, R) and Booth (David Boreanaz, L) interview a professional soccer player who is accused of murdering his wife in the "The Fury in the Jury" time period premiere episode of BONES airing Friday, Nov. 15 (8:00-900 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Company.  Cr:  Jennifer Clasen/FOX
This is the closest the Fox Press Site had to a picture of Big Wolf On Campus. I am disappoint. (©2013 Fox Broadcasting Company. Cr: Jennifer Clasen/FOX)

Brennan goes over the footage from the press cameras. Peter Kidman was shown picking up a pizza the night before the murder and then getting the paper the next. The only person who came and went was his bodyguard, Finizio. Brennan notices that the strides are different: The “Finizio” that left the house was actually Peter Kidman. The gemstone, it turns out, came from a brooch on his jacket. Booth and Brennan bring him in with the videos and Kidman admits that he felt cooped up, which is why he went for a walk. Since Peter admits to this, Booth and Brennan feel they have a solid case, especially since he was photographed with the intact brooch two hours before the murder. To add insult to injury, Kidman’s lawyer is all “told you so.”

The B Plot

Cam’s still struggling with the identity theft case and Angela is still trying to track the thief down. Angela finds that the thief travels frequently, going to loads of museums, buying shoes, and purchasing books. Cam admits that it is the kind of stuff she would buy and places she would go. Angela promises, “We’re gonna get this bitch.”  By the end of the episode, Angela locates the thief. She uses dates and times from the charges to get ahold of video (it took her that long to think of that?). Cam recognizes the thief as Haley Kent, Cam’s college roommate who stayed with her just last year.

The Verdict

Well, at the end of the episode, they kind of addressed the absurdity of Brennan getting picked for a jury, but didn’t really provide an explanation. I don’t know if it’s nine years of watching this show or bad writing, but I saw that change in gait (and physical stature) before Brennan did. Overall, I am underwhelmed by the episode, but I did like seeing the “Big Wolf On Campus” dude again.

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