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New Show Recap: Parenthood, 5.06, “The M Word”

The Braverman clan has hit the street to canvass for Kristina’s mayoral campaign. They find some interesting things along the way, and Crosby becomes the man he never thought he would be. 

Kristina’s campaign is in full swing, and while the family canvasses, she preps for her upcoming debate with Bob Little. She’s feeling like the underdog that she is. Bob Little is cruising around town in a “Bob Little for Mayor” bus while blaring the song “Blurred Lines.” (For the record kids, never vote for anyone who uses that on their campaign soundtrack.) Kristina’s shining moment, however, comes at the very debate she’s been so nervous about. When a parent stands up and asks about services for her deaf child, Kristina comes alive. She discloses a little about Max (something she wasn’t planning on doing), and has a warm moment with this potential voter. The moment is captured in the next day’s paper, and Kristina is declared the winner of the debate. As Max points out, “You’re a statistical anomaly.”

While out canvasing for Kristina, Julia ends up knocking on her school friend, Ed’s, door. She’s a bit taken aback, but she and the kids end up staying for dinner. She and Ed talk about all that they miss in the corporate world, and bond over how unsure they are of their job performance in the parent category. It’s all fun and games until his wife walks in, which makes Julia leave in an awkward rush. When they arrive back home, Joel surprises the family with a sit down dinner already on the table. Victor and Sydney announce that they’ve already eaten, and Julia plays off the afternoon she just spent with Ed. Joel, who was pulled away from canvassing for work, tells Julia that he appreciates all that she is doing so that he can go to work. Now on top of being unsure about her skills as a mom, she’s feeling guilty for complaining and spending time with Ed. Oh Julia. Watch your step.

Sarah and Amber continue their disagreements about Amber and Ryan’s upcoming wedding. Amber is so frustrated with Sarah’s objections that Ryan thinks the solution is to get married at City Hall. Drew puts his foot down and says that he’s not going to be their witness if the rest of the family isn’t invited. When Sarah talks to Camille about it, Camille tells her how hard it was when Sarah got married to Seth without the support of her family. Camille’s advice is to be supportive and not to voice objections, because Amber’s going to do what she wants regardless (or in spite of) Sarah’s objections. Sarah and Amber end the episode in a truce.

Jasmine Trussell (Joy Bryant) and Crosby Braverman (Dax Shepard) recline in a minivan in Parenthood 5.06 "The M Word"
Photo ©NBC 2013

The funniest storyline of the week involves Crosby, which is not a surprise to anyone. When Jasmine says that she wants to think about upgrading one of their cars to a minivan, Crosby balks. When Jabbar says that the minivan they are test driving is cool, Crosby tells him that he needs to go watch The Dukes of Hazzard or Smoky and the Bandit, because he’s just plain wrong. When Crosby learns that Jasmine plans on trading his sports car in, not her VW Beetle, he nearly falls over. According to him, he now has the choice of driving a small vagina or a large one to work everyday. Oh, Crosby. Adam encourages Crosby to give in — to just put the corduroy pants on and embrace the minivan life. Crosby rebels and actually chooses to hang out with the band that he suddenly doesn’t hate so much. When, after several beers, Jasmine calls to remind Crosby about dinner with her mother, he realizes that he’s too drunk to drive. So Jasmine picks him up, along with the whole band. The guys are excited about the television in the cabin, and grateful for the fast food stop Jasmine makes. In the end, Crosby grows to accept the minivan. The fact that the back seats recline might have something to do with that.

The most shocking storyline this week was that of Camille and Zeek. After a half-hearted attempt at looking at condos, Camille can see that Zeek will not willingly go along with the Act 3 that she’s considering. So she makes her own plans, announcing that she’s going to Italy for a month with her art class. By herself. (I totally felt like she was going to go somewhere and leave him behind. Hmph.)

Do you think Kristina is going to win her bid for mayor? Can Sarah really keep her mouth shut about Amber’s decisions? Is Julia thinking too much about Ed and not enough about Joel? Will Camille go to Italy…and more importantly, will she come back?


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