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New Show Recap: Parenthood 5 x 06: “The Ring”

The week we find the Bravermans pulled in all kinds of directions. The election, Victor’s performance in school, Camille’s absence and more are explored.

We find Zeek living the bachelor life with Camille in Italy. The kids take turns stopping by, but the for the most part, he’s relaxing in his underwear and eating whip cream with cereal. Secretly, he desperately misses Camille, and I wonder how their relationship will change upon her return.

Amber and Ryan continue to dance around her engagement ring. In a way she loves it, and in another way it makes her really uncomfortable. After another talk with Kristina (which is interesting—she and Sarah don’t interact at all this episode), she asks Ryan to return it. He does, but there’s a sense that something is changing between them.

Crosby’s new role as a responsible dad is also providing comic relief this season. When Jabbar chooses ballet as his winter sport, Crosby isn’t thrilled. Adam tells him to grin it and bear it—he wanted Max to like baseball, and instead, Adam ended up learning to like bugs.

Julia and Joel are more confrontational than ever with each other, and Sydney actually points out that they’ve been fighting a lot. Any time Julia approaches Joel, he seems to go out of his way to say that he’ll do what he needs to for the children, but excludes anything about their own relationship. He also calls Julia’s recent decisions “bad ones.” This is not going well, friends.

As mentioned above, Sarah doesn’t interact with Amber in this episode,  and Hank isn’t around either. Her neighbor has been around a lot, and she resists when he invites her to a party. When she talks to Zeek about it, he encourages her to get out there and go do something, which is interesting since he hasn’t worn pants in a week. She takes her dad’s advice, and knocks on the door to the party. Her neighbor is happy to see her, and she starts to interact with adults her own age. Maybe this time around, Sarah will get a social life. Maybe.

Adam Braverman, Parenthood, season 5, episode 8
Adam is actually saying, “Get off my lawn!”

We see more of Kristina in campaign mode this week, and she continues to be classy in the face of Bob Little’s smear tactics. This week he leaks that Adam once punched a guy in the grocery store (remember that?), and paints a picture of a father with anger management issues. Kristina is tempted to expose his inappropriate relationship with Amber during his last campaign, but resists. Instead, she takes the high road, and the press seems to eat it up.

Next week is election week, and I can’t wait to see what happens.

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