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New Show Recap: Parenthood, 5×07, “Speaking of Baggage”

It’s taken this fifth season of Parenthood a few episodes to ramp up the drama, but I think now, in the seventh episode, we are finally here.¬†

The most troubling storyline that’s reaching crisis level is Julia and Joel and Ed. Julia is struggling with staying at home, missing Joel, and possible feelings for Ed. She looks at her phone a lot, listening to messages from Ed, and seeing texts. She goes to Joel during the work day, and reveals that she’s not wearing much under her trench coat. She eventually calls Ed, and vents to him about how she’s struggling.

Drew finds Natalie knocking on his door late one night, and she’s intent on hooking up. After giving him the blow off, she tells him that she doesn’t want a boyfriend right now but that she likes him. He’s confused, but for the moment has decided that it’s best if he just shuts up and kisses her.

We are treated to an all-cast outdoor dinner at Camille and Zeek’s, which I think is the first one this season. Have I mentioned that I want that backyard? Anyway, Max brings up that he found a photo of Sarah’s while in Hank’s studio. This opens up a conversation where Max discloses that he’s spoken to Hank about Sarah, and that Hank has said Sarah is “flaky and has baggage.” Crosby notes that this is the most interesting dinner conversation they’ve had in quite sometime. Camille announces that she’s going to Italy by herself. The siblings are stunned, and no one but Julia seems to understand why Camille needs to do this.

Ryan and Amber hugging on Parenthood

Amber has a great moment at the Luncheonette, when she tells her uncles to set Ashes of Rome up to record with a live audience. She’s spending more time at the studio, and every time that¬†Ryan stops by, she seems to be hugging a band member. She tells Ryan that since her mom is back on board, she wants to have a “real” wedding. She also talks with Kristina, who tells her the story of how Adam proposed. Just as Amber is wondering if what she has with Ryan is right, he re-proposes. He tells her that his first proposal was impulsive, but he still feels the same way. He presents her with a ring that leaves her speechless. Maybe a real wedding will happen after all.

The show ends with Camille getting in a cab to head to the airport. She’s arranged everything for Zeek, but the goodbye is a bit awkward. As she rides away, Zeek opens the kitchen window, setting off the security system. Earlier, Camille reminded him that the code was their anniversary. It takes him a minute to turn the alarm off.

Mr. Sally J watched this episode with me, and he had a couple of opinions. He’s pretty sure that Hank falls somewhere on the autism spectrum. He’s also pretty sure that Camille’s not coming back from Italy. What do you think?

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