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Pop Culture Brunch: Harry Connick, Jr Alert

Happy Saturday, Persephoners!  This is a special weekend alert- there’s a new Harry Connick, Jr movie in select theaters this weekend, and I feel compelled to tell you about it. 

Harry Connick Jr in Angels SingAngels Sing, starring Harry Connick, Jr, Connie Britton, and Willie Nelson is showing in select theaters (mostly in the Midwest and Texas). I had the opportunity to see this movie at the Heartland Film Festival earlier this month, and I must say, see it if it’s near you.

For starters, it’s all Harry, all the time. Yes, I’m biased. But damn. If you love him, you will love this. Connie also does a knock out job, and I wish she had more screen time. Willie Nelson plays the Christmas Angel (whose name is Nick). The movies revolves around Harry finding the Christmas spirit, and making peace with some personal demons.

And Lyle Lovett models an impressive number of ridiculous ugly Christmas sweaters. 

Lyle Lovett in Christmas Sweater

Seriously though, it’s a heart warming holiday movie that’s appropriate for all ages. There’s good music (sadly, Harry doesn’t perform), great Christmas decorations, and enough magic to warm even the coldest Scrooge’s heart.

Are you heading to the movies this weekend? What are you going to see?

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