Pupdate: November 23, 2013

Asher is mange free! Unfortunately, his skin is still not looking too hot, so he’s keeping his big steroid dose and starting a prescription allergy-free diet. It’s chicken based, but through the magic of science, they’ve made the proteins small enough that they won’t cause a reaction, even if chicken is what’s triggering him. Once his skin is healthy, we can look into some of the OTC limited-ingredient foods, but his skin is so sensitive right now, the vet really wants him on the prescription food. It will probably take 8-12 weeks before we see any results, but we’re really hopeful that a food allergy is what’s keeping him from healing up.

Other than a vet visit, we also took Asher to get a bath and get his nails trimmed. He had a pretty big day getting fussed over, eating fast food, and visiting a nearby pet store. He also made friends with the most fluffy dog I’ve ever seen. They spun around in circles and got their leashes all tangled up. It was adorable.

A dog gets a bath.
The saddest puppy EVER.
A dog on a leash stretches while another dog watches.
Big stretch!
Two dogs on leashes meet while a person moderates.
A new fluffy friend!

By Laura-C

Hopes to someday train her dogs not to be douchebags.

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Ahh, he’s so cute! And such pretty colors, all peaches ‘n’ cream!

Anecdotally: When I first found my street pup, he was all mangey and his fur was dull and sad. I fed him a 1/4 avocado mixed in with his food twice a day and he healed really nicely, with no mange scars at all and shiny, happy hair. Avocado is really good for skin and coat. There are some folks on the interwebs saying that avocado is bad for dogs, but that’s only the pit and skin, which you wouldn’t feed your dog anyway, right? Right.

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