Pupdate: November 8, 2013

Asher had his first recheck at the vet Wednesday, and everything is looking good! He’s gained 10 lbs, and his skin scrape came back clear for mange, so we’re just working on getting the swelling down and clearing up these secondary skin infections. He’s healthy enough to start steroids, which are a huge help. They’re an immunosuppressant, so he’s back on some antibiotics, and ivermectin to make sure the mange doesn’t get out of control again, but he was so sick they weren’t even an option the first time around. He’s only had two doses as I’m writing this, and I can already see improvements in his activity level, and his poor feet are shrinking before my eyes. They’re also an appetite stimulant, so they should help speed up his weight gain. His appetite was already improving, and the new medications have got him eating and drinking constantly.

Asher sitting on one of the other dogs' beds.
Bed stealer! This one isn’t even his, but he sleeps where he wants now, and the other dogs just have to deal with it.

Even before the vet trip, he was feeling well enough to hang out with our dogs, instead of hiding in his room, and he’s been sleeping in the living room with everyone else. We had to get an extra Coolaroo bed because he decided he liked those better, and he wasn’t willing to share with our dogs. He was interested in the dog door, but it was too high for him, so we put little steps on it. He still has to work at it, but he can get in and out by himself now. I took him to my husband’s grandmother’s on the way home from the vet and he did great meeting her dogs, getting attention from strangers and eating treats in a strange place. He’s healing up beautifully, and turning into a sweet, friendly, outgoing dog.

By Laura-C

Hopes to someday train her dogs not to be douchebags.

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