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The Good Wife 5×07: The Next Month

Kalinda has something (briefly) to do! Not only that, Peter is back, Eli gets a lady friend, Robyn saves the damn day, and one of the special guest stars is pumpkin Pop Tarts. Delicious. 

Lockhart Gardner v. LG

Will is rebranding. No longer are any members of the team allowed to say the entire name of the firm, they’re to refer to the firm as “LG.” Recappers everywhere laugh and laugh. They even have a snazzy new sans-serif logo with lots of horizontal lines to go with it. “LG: we move in a straight line to WINNING.”  I would very much like to have a boozy lunch with the art team at The Good Wife one of these days.

Robyn v. Unemployment

Robyn overhears Cary and Carey discussing the firm’s financial straights, and the proposed solution that Robyn be laid off until the firm is more solvent. Robyn gets mad, but since the actress who plays her is no Archie Panjabi (Kalinda), it kind of seems as though she’s pouting through most of the episode. Speaking of Kalinda, Robyn’s first reaction is to attempt to get hired back on at LG. Kalinda gently tells her it’s not an option. Robyn is devastated, but Kalinda gives her a pep talk and tells her the answer is to make herself invaluable. Kalinda isn’t a sharer, so this is an especially sweet moment for her. It’s nice to see her (and her amazing boots) getting more screen time.

Robyn ends up “solving” the case of the week, mostly by lying a lot and using messed up hair as her go-to undercover disguise. Robyn has room to grow as a character.

Florrick Agos v. Injustice

The case of the week is brought to us by Natalie Flores (America Ferrera), and I hope Natalie is sticking around. More on her later, because the case itself is a Gordian knot of shocking proportions. Natalie works for a powerful lobbyist, who both FA and LG would like to attract as a client. The case itself is pro-bono, representing an undocumented man, Tomás Ruiz who is testifying against the ringleader of a Mexican drug cartel in exchange for what the show calls a “snitch visa.” This all goes awry when the ringleader jumps bail. Since Ruiz is unable to testify against him, he’s deported. The bus taking him to Mexico will drop him off on the ringleader’s doorstep in twelve hours.

Cary and Alicia turn up the hustle. They bounce between various immigration offices, courtrooms, and more, and each time they hit a wall. In a last ditch effort to save Ruiz’s life, Robyn convinces the Mexican government that the US is trying to pull one over on our neighbors to the south, and Ruiz is denied entrance at the border.

Eli Gold v. His Better Angels

Eli is pie-eyed for Natalie Flores. When this flirtation was introduced, I found it a little off-putting, as I mentioned last week. Something clicked for me this week, because I really like the two of them together. Natalie brings out a kinder, gentler Eli, but she’s not a pushover. I hope we get to see her grow as her own character, too, and not just as Eli’s MPDG.

Marilyn v. Morning Sickness

I must be in a good mood, or something, because I actually like Marilyn this week, too. I hope I’m not just being blinded by empathy for her near-constant vomiting. She’s trying to keep Peter on an ethical path, fighting with Eli, worrying about optics at Alicia’s new office, and she can’t get out two sentences without having to hurl. The only thing that calms her stomach is pumpkin Pop Tarts, which she hilariously snarfs down through the whole episode. Maybe I like her because I eat pumpkin Pop Tarts the same way, and I have no fetal excuse. Regardless, Marilyn is a trooper and surprisingly funny.

Florrick Agos v. Cheap Rent

The merry fourth years have finally moved out of Alicia’s apartment, and into an old t-shirt factory which currently looks uninspiring. As Alicia and Cary keep saying, however, give it a week. That office is going to be spectacular, and the visual opposite of LG. Factory windows? Exposed brick? If that’s $20/sq. ft. in Chicago, I will eat my hat. My good hat, the one with the unicorn on it. I’m willing to suspend my disbelief, however, because I know the final result is going to be incredible. Or possibly look like a hipster start-up.

The last scene of the episode has Alicia unwrapping her new desk chair and sitting in it. It looks boring here, but it was powerfully done. Alicia is clearly enjoying the new firm, and the freedom that comes with it. I think she even likes the challenges. As the audience, we know this is just a moment of calm before another storm. It’s clear she doesn’t yet know about the illegal video taken of Grace yet, and she doesn’t know that Natalie, while very appreciative of Florrick Agos’ win, took her wealthy lobbyist employer to meet LG, instead.

Will: We’re so glad you decided to give LG another chance.

Will commits.

Her moment is broken when Marilyn brings Peter to visit with a bunch of interns from the governor’s office to help unpack at FA. Peter is positively beaming with pride, and tells Alicia he thinks she’s going to run the whole world from this office. It’s so sweet, and I don’t want to like Peter, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

Random thoughts:

  • Will’s blonde friend is NOT all in his head, how about that.
  • Howard Lyman is a big ol’ racist.
  • Anthony Wright Edelman appears only briefly after his defection last week. He looks miserable. Ha.


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That racist old fart really needs to go. I’m still surprised they got away with him approaching that 1st year who sued them without his pants on! At some point he’s gonna get them into a lawsuit they can’t talk their way out of.

Not a fan of Will’s new girlfriend either but LOVED her description of David Lee. Spot on.

I would like a pumpkin Pop-Tart, no doubt. Will’s blonde friend is real, and really annoying. She’s being written with so little dimension that I have to assume it’s deliberate and she will slowly be revealed to be, I don’t know, interesting? I saw all of the dismissive glances the new offices got and had the same reaction. Have none of these people ever seen trendy office space?

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