These News Nibbles are Counting Flowers on the Wall

That don’t bother me at all. Plenty of the news appetizers are quite bothersome, however. 

A dreadful typhoon has devastated parts of the Philippines. Many are dead, many are missing, and many more are struggling to stay safe in the aftermath. (via BBC)

Rioters in Warsaw stormed the Russian Embassy on Poland’s independence day. (via Reuters)

Study shows that PG-13 movies actually feature more gun violence that their more restrictively rated counterparts. (via NPR, study in Pediatrics.)

For this week’s “Oh god, Internet” moment, Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair. The Internet proceeded to explode, reboot itself, and explode again, while thousands upon thousands of words were typed about it. Including these words you’re reading right now. (via everywhere)

Joss Whedon had some things to say about feminism, and it sparked some great discussions around the web. (via Jezebel, Salon, and Groupthink, respectively)

By [E] Selena MacIntosh*

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